Friday, August 22, 2008

Fun / Plezier


  1. my goodness, this is so cool. its like a summer kaleidescope! What a beautiful creation you have made... would love to know all the details on it.
    thanks for sharing. =)

  2. hi marianne!
    oh I love the colors and spirit of this mandala!

  3. Marianne, such a happy mandala. Like looking under a magnifying glass at the summery world.

  4. I came here and what did I see?
    found some art that shows a bee...
    if you don't mind,
    I would like the world to see,
    a link, a picture, in a post from me!

    Smile you have "bee"n spotted!(by Suki) I do a weekly bee spotting post and would like to show you off in my next post, usually every Tuesday. If you wish not to bee featured, let me know ASAP!!


  5. hey, i think succulent would love to see this too, will tell her about you too. you are becoming famous now....lovely colours. you always strike me as a 'fun' sorta girl!


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