Sunday, August 31, 2008


This mandala I started in Singapore and finished this morning here at home. It´s a lovely sunny day. I´m working in the garden. A lovely sunday to all of you! Deze mandala ben ik in Singapore begonnen en vanmorgen hier thuis afgemaakt. Het is een heerlijk zonnige dag en ik ben in de tuin aan t werk. Een fijne zondag allemaal!


  1. This looks crocheted. Very pretty. Love the color combination too. Sunny here today too. I've got to get away from this computer and outside. Had a hard time doing just about everything this am. My post. My tea was tepid. My toaster waffles were under toasted. Hmmmmm......

  2. This is so pretty. I love the glittery addition to it. What did you use to do that?

  3. Hope you enjoyed the sun Suki! And that the rest of the day was better than the start ;)
    I worked in the garden and now it is raining, so you see you have to enjoy it while it lasts.

    Hi Amy,
    The glitter is from gel pens I used. I used water soluble colour pencils acrylic paint and the gel pens.
    Hope you are fine Amy!

  4. Oh, wow, this is so different from your other mandalas. I love the aquatic feel to it. Love xox K

  5. Very beautiful Marianne!
    Love your Singapore shots as well.
    Hugs to Sjimmie :)

  6. yes it looks just lie a crocheted doiley (can't say that in dutch). hoe kan jy dit in sigapore doen? neem jy al jou very goed saam met jou?
    liefs en wfs.

  7. Oh Marianne,
    This is so delicate and beautiful. It's shimmering and radiant...indeed an expression of you. Thank you so much for shairng your work..your self with the world! It always makes me smile!


  8. I love the colours and the sparkly iridescence! It almost has a batik look to it. Love the inward turning swirls. Magnificent!


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