Thursday, August 28, 2008

Singapore Mandalas

Today I went to Chinatown, on foot, so besides sightseeing I also had my daily exercise....... In Chinatown I went to look for a diabolo for Felix, who will turn 10 years next week (wednesday). Unfortunately no diabolos. I went to the Sri Mariamman Temple. I love to visit temples, especially in the Far East. The ceilings are always filled with mandalas. Here are a few. Vandaag ben ik naar Chinatown gegaan, te voet, dus behalve sightseeing heb ik ook mijn dagelijkse workout gehad. Ik hoopte een diabolo te vinden voor Felix die aanstaande woensdag 10 jaar wordt. Geen dibolo gevonden, jammer genoeg. Ik ben in de Sri Mariamman Tempel geweest. Ik vind het geweldig om tempels te bezoeken in het Verre Oosten. De plafonds hebben meestal mandala's. Hier zijn er een paar. Years ago I visited this temple and I remembered the colors of the figurs outside to be more vibrant. Maybe the sun has faded them or it's my memory who fades...... Jaren geleden ben ik ook eens in deze tempel geweest en herinner mij dat de kleuren van de figuren buiten veel sprekender waren. Misschien heeft de zon ze vervaagd of is het mijn herinnering........... If you take pictures from a certain angle you can just catch the temple which is the oldest Hindu Temple in Singapore. But there is no way stopping the new. Look at the building behind the lady. I kind of like this combination. Als je foto's neemt vanuit een bepaalde hoek kun je alleen de tempel er op krijgen, die de oudste Hindu tempel is van Singapore. Maar je kunt het nieuwe niet tegenhouden. Kijk maar achter de dame. Ik moet zeggen dat die combie ook wel wat heeft. The lion is doing his best but he can't stop the buildings from appearing. De leeuw doet ook zijn best, maar hij kan de gebouwen ook niet tegenhouden. And thank God there is Coca Cola to make it complete. En gelukkig is er ook Coca Cola om het plaatje compleet te maken (of te bederven?).


  1. Marianne, fabulous photos. The mandalas are incredible. I esp love the photo of the group of them. And the exterior of the temples. Love the way you have shot the old and the new Singapore. Hopefully they won't tear down the old to make way for the new. They are priceless. Ah yes, coke. Guess it is everywhere. Have fun. Suki

  2. What a fabulous trip and such wonderful photos. Thank you!

  3. Marianne,

    I love these photos...and I have to agree with you about visiting old houses of worship...(is that too American to say?). I loved, loved, loved doing that in Europe when we lived there. They are some of the most incredible examples of old and ancient architecture in the world. You must be so inspired in this particular place with all of the beautiful mandalas...clearly the photographs are amazingly inspirational for me...and I don't even paint mandalas!

    Coke...funny, isn't it. Now I am interested in the formula used there. We have noticed different countries have different coke formulations...I suppose it all depends on the ingredients the various countries will allow.

    Thanks for the adventure, Marianne!

    PS, I did a little adventure on my blog today, too...we are kind of going in a parallel direction these days :)

  4. marianne said...
    I come here since 23 years. It has always been one of my favorite places. I have seen it changed so much. Booming like everything here in the Far East. Big sky scrapers are popular here, but since a few years they have found out that it is not good to tear down their whole history and the old buildings are protected now. There are little old buildings left now.
    I like the combination of old and new. I love old buildings but you can't stop the new ones, so I have learned to appreciate them as well.
    It is as it is.

    Hi Teri,
    Think you would have loved the ceilings! Aren't they inspirational?

    Hi Kim,
    Yes we certainly live parallel lives at this moment :)
    I enjoyed your green door story so much!
    About the coke...I wouldn't know but I guess you are right. I have a friend at home he is a coke (cola) expert he would probably taste the difference. I just liked the machine together with the old figures on the roof and when you enlarge the picture you see people have trusted their shoes to the machine.........

    Greetings to you all!

  5. Hi Marianne,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Kim said I should see your mandalas as I am a beginner at making them.

  6. die mandalas is wonderlik. ek is ook lief vir daardie plekke en was in thailand en hong kong. die 'temples' en buddhas is die beste. ek is seker dat jy verlang vir jou mooi familie en daardie liew hondjies en sjimmie ook en hulle verlang vir jou. net nou is jy weer tuis. liefs en wfs.

  7. aaaahhhhh Kippevel!!!! Wow!!! Echt... toen ik deze plaatjes zag voelde ik de (zeer aangename!)rillingen van onder tot boven door m'n lijf lopen. Herinneringen aan India. Heel herkenbaar. Mooi hè die mandala's! Ik zie zelfs Nandi, de stier. Wow wat super. En tja, coca cola in de tempel... ook heel herkenbaar. Toen ik laatst in Tirumavumalay was heb ik zelfs een telefoontoestel in een tempel gezien. Hing gewoon aan een prachtige pilaar. Echt grappig en typisch India. Geniet van al dat moois!!!! Liefs, Muktha

  8. good morning marianne!
    i am just getting caught up on your posts! wow! your pictures are amazing! absolutely love your new mandala!

  9. Wow. Thank you for taking me along with you to Singapore. I love the vibrant mandalas! I wouldn't mind having a big mural like that on the wall of my living room to greet me each day.

  10. Fabulous mandalas! Love the previous post too about the art supplies- treasure trove! Wow! All the eye candy you've gotten to see! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  11. What wonderful photos...and the mandalas are beautiful...Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a wonderful comment...
    Artfully Yours,


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