Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Lars

Today my eldest son Lars has turned 14! This mandala is a kind of a remake. I made the one below 6 years ago when I started painting mandalas. It was one of the first 5 I made. I was never really pleased with the result, so last year I decided to make a new one. I recognize my son better in this one. Especially his straight thinking. He is mysterious and complex and true to himself. I'm so proud of him! I love him deep and dearly. Vandaag is mijn oudste zoon Lars 14 jaar geworden! Deze mandala is eigenlijk een 2e creatie. De mandala hieronder heb ik 6 jaar geleden gemaakt toen ik net begonnen was met het schilderen van mandala's. Ik denk één van de eerste 5. Mijn stijl en kleuren zijn veranderd, maar ik kon nooit tevreden zijn met deze mandala van Lars. Ik herken hem beter in de nieuwe mandala. Zijn rechtlijnige manier van denken. Hij is mysterieus en complex en blijft altijd zichzelf. Ik ben erg trots op hem! En hou zielsveel van hem.


  1. Beautiful mandala and a perfect birthday gift.

    Come visit my blog today as I have sketched Sjimmie :) or rather my impression of him.

  2. Happy Birthday to Lars. How wonderful to be 14. Which mandala does he prefer? The colors in the older one are more vibrant and "loud" I think. They are both lovely.

  3. Happy 14th to Lars!
    My daughter is 12 and I look at her and wonder..."where did the years go?"
    They grow up fast don't they?

    This mandala is amazing!

  4. veels geluk lars...hy is nou amper n jong man...seuns is so wonderlik, en hulle is so lief vir hulle mas.
    pragtige mandal...jy moet die tekening van sjimmie gaan sien, dis fantastiek!

  5. Happy Birthday Lars!!! and what a wonderful gift Marianne!!!

    Nice to be back to enjoy your work...and your posts...


  6. Happy bithday to Lars!
    may all his wishes come true!
    many happy returns...

    your love and affection for him is brimming in the second mandala through the dominance of red color...
    both are gorgeous...

  7. beautiful birthday mandalas for Lars! (We were born a day...and many years apart! I'm August 7th)
    Ah, to be 14 again :)

  8. Hi Teri! Your scetch is just perfect! Your drawing is now my desktop wall paper!

    Hi Suki, I asked Lars and he said the one with the frogs.....

    yes where did the years go.....?

    ja Soulbrush, jongens zijn altijd lief voor hun moeders. Ik wilde altijd meisjes, maar heb toch gekregen wat bij me past denk ik....

    Thanks Diana!
    Thanks Fanny! Nice to see you again!

    You are right HB!
    The red butterflies are certainly an expression of my love but also the love Lars has inside, he is a special boy.
    And they are both nice I agree, but in the second one there is so much going on.......while he is not that busy in real .
    But they are both pictures of a certain moment so they have both a part of Lars in them.

    Hi Lolo!
    So you are a lio as well! I love this sign! Sunny and they like to be the centre of attention in a very nice way!


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