Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Toen we je wegbrachten vielen er tranen uit de hemel. Toen we je achterlieten kwam de zon. Verwarmde jouw aarde en onze harten. Warmte, dat wilde je. Warmte, die was er. Voor Wiebe en Nicole (and for SIL and Suki)


  1. Beautiful...how precious of you, Marianne!

  2. oh how I love sunflowers Marianne...there is something about them...

    have a great day and I have a sweet illustration on my blog for all my "sweet" friends...like you!

  3. this is beautiful... so gorgeous and bright. wonderful photo, thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for coming by my blog! I love sunflowers so much...wish I could read the language to see what the poem says!!! :)

  5. thank you Marianne. The sunflower is so full of life and hope. The seeds of the future sun flowers. Thank you for including my SIL and myself in the wishes of the poem. I am sorry about your friend. I hope the funeral was a lovely honoring of (his?) presence. Here, SIL got us all into the catholic church as that is where she wished her service to be. The priest wrote and spoke the most beautiful eulogy for N. So personal to her and her struggle for faith and direction at the end of her life as she lay dying. Very moving. The wake afterwards went well with N's brother and sister and some friends of my brother's. It was good to honor her life and her death. Namaste, Suki


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