Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

I got this painting from my DH today! I have had my eyes on it since last year. It is painted by a friend of us Martin Immerzeel, who is a fabulous painter. Unfortunately he doesn't have a I can't show you more of his work. I'm so happy with this gift!
This is Lolo's surprise! A wonderful lotus mandala box with cards and mandala magnets. I LOVE these treasures! And I love to be friends with you Lolo. Thank you so much dear!
And this beauty is a gift from my son Lars! Happy 4th of July, wherever you are! Hope you can celebrate life and freedom today.


  1. What a thoughtful husband, it is a beautiful painting!

    Lolo's gifts are as awesome as she is.

    Beautiful composition on the flower.

  2. Happy Birthday Marianne!!!!!!!!!!
    Mooie kado's van je mooie mannen,
    zie je morgen (niet teveel werk maken hoor).

    Zonnige dag voor een stralende jarige.

  3. Happy Birthday Marianne. What wonderful gifts to celebrate your birthday. Wish I was there to celebrate with you.

  4. happy birthday marianne. you are a treasure.

  5. dear best friend,

    don't forget to come to kj's blog as soon as you can.

    hb to m from er

  6. Happy Birthday Marianne.

    I love what our sweet Lolo got you.

    Have a fantastic day.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  7. Happy Birthday Marianne!

    I wish you everything you wish for yourself :)

  8. happy happy birthday dear friend.
    i knew it was july and i knew your day is also the 4th...
    what lovely gifts.
    veels geluk en ek wens jou baie jare vol vreugde en liefde. en ek stuur jou 48 wfs vandag.

  9. What love! Fabulous expressions from each...Happy birthday thoughts and best wishes from the desert of Arizona! Hugs Marianne! :)

  10. Emily sent me to say happy birthday. I didn't want to, but was afraid to cross her (you know how easily rabbits can eviscerate a person with their hind feet!). Anyway, happy birthday.

  11. Happy Birthday to you. May your day be super special and filled with love and sunlight.

  12. I hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday and how could it be less with those lovely presents! Happy belated birthday Ms. Marianne - and many more

  13. happy birthday to emily's best friend.

    quack quack.

    muck duck

  14. you must be a very patient and nice lady.

    happy birthday.

    gregory squirrel
    (emily's friend)

  15. best wishes to you on your birthday.

    uncle bunny

  16. Happy Birthday Marianne! Emily and KJ sent me and I am glad they did.
    Lovely blog and wonderful gifts, that lolo is so wonderful isn't she :-).

  17. Happy birthday Marianne. kj sent me! I'm an occasional lurker too!

  18. Happy Birthday! kj sent me! Make that birthday last at least a week!

  19. Thanks so much for all your sweet Birthday wishes!!!!
    So many comments!!!!
    And the special post on KJ's blog from Emily!
    This really made the day more special.

    Big hug to you all!

  20. you are so lucky to have emily as your best friend. she is the sweetest most fun rabbit even though she talks too much and sometimes gets in trouble she is really very nice and she is cute too when she bobs at cape coddy and rolls downhill in the moonlight and she is just totally wonderful.

    oh and happy birthday,


    a nice stranger

  21. Happy late birthday, Marianne!!! What wonderful gifts! Love your mousy painting...and your sons flowers are gorgeous! What a neat surprise from LOLO! All these mandalas around in life and you don't even notice them! Very cool!!!

  22. What a sweet mouse in that painting! And the details on the teapot, wow!!

    Lars chose a lovely plant. Sweet boy ;)

    I'm glad you liked your little gifts. I had fun choosing them!

    yesterday I was in urgent Care in Colorado because of a very bad spider bite (on my breast!!)
    Then I went to a cookout at my sister's house and came home too late. Today will be a loooong day driving!

    I'm glad your day was special, dear friend!


  23. You are so lucky, lolo and Martin Immerzeel are your beautiful talented friends:)
    i can see why you are so happy with these cool gifts, keep sharing your cool gifts with us Marianne:)

  24. wow, that painting is lovely, what great birthday presents you have received. Lucky girl. Lolo is lovely and what a gift. That plant is gorgeous too.

  25. Miss Emily & Kj pointed the way for me to fly over and say hello today*!*

  26. oh my heavens!!! Happy belated Birthday Marianne!!! I just got back and am so sorry to be late to the party!!! this painting is wonderful!!! you are so lucky and Lolo sent you some wonderful goodies....getting things from friends is so much fun!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!!


  27. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

    Sonia ;)


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