Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Animal Wednesday / Dogs in Hongkong

Dressed to kill but friends forever................
Ready to travel
Marja thought she finally spotted a Ridgeback....... On the counter, guarding the register .....
On the alert.........
Here a few doggies we met in Hongkong!
Back from an adventureous trip with Marja to Hongkong.
The weather was not as good as we hoped for , but we had a lot of fun!
We saw the parade, the fireworks .
It was just wonderful.
We entered the year of the tiger together.
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Oh those dogs are adorable!!


  2. That is a LOT of dog!
    Happy Animal Wednesday and safe and happy travels to you.

  3. And what a FUN we had.....
    Thanks Marianne I had the time of my life and felt 18 again at the moment 80 ;-))

  4. I bet you ladies did have a great time. I can't wait to hear all about it. Cute dogs. HAW.

  5. yay, photos!! You ladies must be exhausted!

    I thought that was Marja in the pink vest at the table with a ridgeback. Fooled me!

    I want that little dog who's guarding the register. OMG that face!

    So glad you had a wonderful time. Now, time to rest ;)


  6. Oh...have you ever seen such adorable, fluffy little doggies??? Almost as cute as Doozey! LOLOL!!! :) Your trip was just fabulosa!!! I am so glad it was!!!! Wonderful, Marianne!!!

  7. Love all the doggie photos!!! Glad you arrived home safely, sorry the weather didn't behave for you but welcome to the year of the tiger!!! :)

  8. sooo glad you and marja had such funb. what well groomed doggies here. welcome back and rest now. i was in hk in 1984 and 'shopped till i dropped' never spent so much money in such a short time.

  9. Ha ha!! Love those doggies - they do love to dress them up in HK! Recognise Stanley in your photos - one of our favourite haunts when we lived there! Glad you had a fun trip but pity about the weather though!


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