Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

In random order I have to show you the treasures I have received the last few weeks!Winter greetings from Lolo with the C= for Cabbage, in lovely blue!Lolo's mail is always fun to get! Look at the gorgeous bag and stickers. This arrived later , a lovely card with a mandala sun feeling.
And Sjimmie with a red winged blackbird on his head!
I never heard of this bird before Lolo painted it on my book page. And later she found this card; an omen! A wonderful surprise by the ever so talented Margaret!
All her art is a lust for the eye! Such a wonderful Valentine surprise!
Check out her hearts and feel happy! This arrived first! Soul's African beauty for the ABC ATC's Around the World.
Together with a splash of goodies.
Love that beauty! This painting I got from Martin Immerzeel.
One of his lovely (and soon famous) barns. Mark my words.
He gave me this painting, thanking me for taking him and Olga to Vancouver.
Far too outrageous, but how can you say no to a wonderful painting like this!!!!!This card I got from Marja one year after my Dad died.
So thoughtful and sweet of her, just like she is.
This card came together with the lovely birches of Patty. The birches matched so well with Lolo's birches, who were on my wall already. So now I am the proud owner of my own birch forest. The upper ones are Lolo's, the lower ones are Patty's. I was so lucky I still had one of those same frames in my drawer. I just love them together. This wonderful handmade card arrived from Suki. She is a wonderful artist in many ways; multi talented!
This is the fifth letter of the Hebrew Alphabet Hay .
Lynn made it for me. And I made the Earth for her.
D= for Dots dashes dogs and diamonds.
What a lovely card by BT.
Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart!
Both the gifts and friendships will be treasured by me!
Hope you have a lot to be thankful for.
I know I have.
Happy Thankful Thursday.
(now I will catch up some sleep. Tomorrow I will catch up with your blogs again:))


  1. Gorgeous mail art...treasure all! :)

  2. a mailbox full of treasures and beauty!!

  3. What a lot of treasures and each one so special in it's own way. Lucky you.

    I just noticed, must have been subconsciously done, but there is a Netherlands Tulip on my "Hay"!
    Hey, how about that???? LOL

  4. jeez, marianne, look at all these love gifts!

    when you travel and come back to your mail, you must be giddy!


  5. almal pragtig. ons is so gelukkig met al hierdie wonderlike vriende. bly jy is tuis, het jou gemis. xx

  6. Isn't it fun to come home to find wonderful mail. Yay!!!

  7. holy smokes Marianne!!! this is quite the collection my friend!!! I imagine you can't wait to get home to get the mail and your postman needs a vacation from being over

    Everything is beautiful!!!

    You are so blessed and you deserve it!!!


  8. You're not kidding, your cup overfloweth!!!!


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