Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sjimmie's World

My adventures are finished.....
Mom collected them in my special book.
She had to re-arrange the pages to make them fit the cover.
Lynn and Soul's pages are inside the cover.
The rest of the harmonica pages in between. Folded out.....
Lynn's page inside the front cover
Soul's inside the back cover
The back pages unfolded.
Sjimmie is glad to be back home, but will always remember his journey........ Thanks ladies for taking such good care of Sjimmie!
What an adventure!
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. hi marianne!
    oh my gosh!
    what a fabulous book!
    i LOVE how it turned out!

  2. Beautiful...This will be such a treat to look through now and in the future...:)

  3. I love the way you put this together. Upon seeing the first photo I thought it looked easy. A few grommets and ribbon and done.
    but no,you had to go fancy on the inside and I am now totally confused but in awe of the results. I guess I need a video of a step by step on how you got them to fold in and out like this.
    Love it!!! You are amazing!

  4. It is just beautiful Marianne!!! All the pages and your personal touch...fabulous!!

  5. dit is heeltemal pragtic skattie. ek weet nie hoe om dit te doen nie, myne is net soos ek dit gekry het, maar ak kyk na die wonderlike kuns elke dag. liefs en wfs

  6. marianne, how i would love to hold this in my hands, to browse and linger.

    it is super fantastic. incredible.

    i am in awe. have i said that before?

    WOW. what a work of art. i'll bet you look at it over and over.


  7. Yep Sjimmie no place like Home,especially when our Moms are at home.
    Give your Mom a cuddle because she is the sweetest ,she always brings me Cookies.

  8. Sjimmy it was such fun having you here. Your Momma has your book fixed up so pretty. Come back any time.

  9. Hi Marianne!!! He sure had a wild and fun adventure!!!

    This is so beautiful...

    I can only imagine how it looks in real life...


  10. What an awesome Sjimmie book!!!! The cactus post IS a hoot....loved it!

  11. Oh my, you did an amazing job!!!
    I knew you would figure it out because you're so clever ;)

    I have no idea who has my book now.
    I haven't heard anything for quite a while. I'm not worried though!

    Beautiful book M, I love it!

  12. he was a pleasure to work with

  13. fabuloloso. Clever binding. Hi Sjimmie.

  14. fantastic!! a gorgeous collection!!

  15. Marianne, this turned out so nice! I'm glad your book made it home and that now you can enjoy it every day. Thanks so much for participating in this round robin. It was lots of fun and we all got to see so much fabulous art.

  16. Aww looks like Sjimmie had a great trip, and the book is lovely.


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