Sunday, February 28, 2010

Surprise for Lolo and a new site!

Preparing a surprise for Lolo!

When Marja and I were in Hongkong we had a card made for her.

Here is the making of.........

Hard to see at the video, but in the last moment she puts in a for luck. Very important!

I have been very busy these last few days making a website for my friend Martin.

The wonderful artist, who made me this painting.

Please visit his new site. It is in Dutch, but the pictures speak for themselves. (look at schilderijen and click the thumbnails).

Please don't forget to leave a comment in his guestbook (gastenboek in Dutch, you will find it under contact).

he is new at this so I guess he would love comments, don't we all.........

Well I do. Have a nice Sunday!


  1. I'm speechless!!!!
    I held my beautiful card in front of me and followed the artist along. I'm so touched you both did this for me!
    It will go in my Thankful Thursday post with the other lovely things. Thank you Marianne and Marja!

    The links to martin's site don't work for some reason. I want to go and support him :)

    Now I'm on my way to see Beaudor's mum and to give her a hug!


  2. what a beautiful gesture. lolo so deserves this, she is the sweetest lady.

  3. What a fun and very sweet gift to Lolo. I loved watching Sandy make the card and explain it as she went. Loved the hair dryer at the end too! LOL
    Fun hearing your voice in the background as well.

    I did go to Martin's site and found his art to be varied and wonderful. And I said so.

  4. HAHAHA! watching sandy and hearing your excited voice was the most fun! two friends commissioning a card for another beloved friend--it made me smile from ear to ear.\

    i went to martin's site, left a message, was blown away by his talent. wow!

    you are the best, marianne. ♥

  5. I just watched the video and viewed your friend, Martin's site. He does beautiful landscapes. I love the card made for Lolo - you are a super nice friend to have!

  6. That lucky Lolo. What a beautiful meaningful gift. It was great fun watching the artist create this.

  7. Geweldig om terug te zien en een zooo blije Lolo.
    Nou meid een fijne dag hier schijnt de zon,jippie.

  8. how Terrific! love the video and Martins site but how in heavens name do you find time to do it all????

  9. I'm pretty speechless here too...Lovely to se the card being made and hear about its meaning...Your voice in the background was the cherry on top of the sundae...Marvelous!!! :)

  10. I had to come back and watch the video again1 It's like spending a little time with M and M ;)


  11. Gorgeous job on your friend's website. I like his landscapes the best. I'll bet he is very pleased with his new site, eh?


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