Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Adventure

Hi, it is me: Sjimmie!
Here I am overlooking the world and fantazising about the adventures ahead of me......
Here I am in Massachusset, where Mim taught me how to fish with a rod.
I taught Mim how to eat raw fish and how to swallow fish tails without choking.
Here I arrived in Rhode Island. A bit shy, not sure I found Lolo's home.
As soon as they spotted me they took me in and found me a spot near the fireplace .
I made friends with Emma and Bliss!
In New Hampshire I met Bibbity and Emily at Suki's place.
She understood my special diet. You see the tomatoes and canned mushrooms at the table?
Here I am learning to blow peace bubbles.
Good thing that I have my back turned to that mouse (didn't even know he was there!) ........otherwise that peace mission would have ended disastrously.
At Katie Jane's in Ohio I had a quiet time in the sculpture park "Pyramid Hill".Pity I was on a leash........ Saw so many unknown birds there, I would have loved to get aquainted with!
Here I am in Malaysia where Caroline showed me the twin towers and where I learned to play Mahjong.
Don't tell Mum, but when Caroline came with her camera we put the beer under the table!
Wish I could have taken some sunshine home with me.............
In Vincennes at Lisa's I got a history lesson.
Besides that strange guy we saw, I noticed a white wolf living in Lisa's home!
Strange place........
In California I enjoyed the sunshine and sunflowers.
It was nice meeting Henry V at Lynn's, never met Royalty before.
I met my equal in him.
I ended my journey with a blast!
A cat party in London!
Although Soul always says she doesn't like cats, she secretly fell in love with me and planned to send the wrong cat to Holland.
Thank Goodness Snuffles prevented this mistake.
Snuffles is Queen of her castle and I rule in Zierikzee again!
Mom cried when I got home. She missed me like crazy.
So did Lars and Felix. The other cats thought they had gotten rid of me for good ,
but.......I'm back, this time to stay!


  1. What an amazing treasure!!! Every page is just beautiful!

  2. Oh it's so nice seeing the pages up close again!
    What a special book!


  3. ROFLOL, i have never laughed so much, what a great post anda great journey, and it was wonderful having sjimmie here (most of the time snuffles hid under the sofas to stay out of the way). thanks for showing us his journey.xx

  4. What a delight to see and enjoy with you. Such fun, such amazingly fun and beautiful art too. Wow.
    Thanks for laying it all out for us to see in it's wonderful totality.

  5. Yep I'm sure Soul is my Soulmate we don't like Cats we won't harm them but simply love Dogs.
    Yes Marianne you are special because a person loves Cats our love everything because your heart is simply to big.

  6. Sjimmie, you are such a lucky cat getting to travel all over the world. I am glad you arrived at home safe and sound. Thank you for taking us on this journey with you.

  7. Hi Marianne!!! this is great to see these up!!! wonderful work by all your special friends!!


  8. what a treasure indeed!



    if i started commmenting on any one of these illustrations, i would be commenting into the night.

    this makes me very happy for you, marianne. you are surrounded by so many talented women, who know and love you.

    i am glad to be counted as your friend. the honor is mine.

  9. Lovely to see the book again - it was such a pleasure having Sjimmie here - he can come again and bring you with him perhaps?!

  10. Great piece - I really enjoyed them.


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