Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Animal Wednesday / Sorry

Sorry I have been such a bad blogger lately........
Last week I was tired all the time and this week I had to learn for an exam for tomorrow.
I haven't done anything creative lately. I am happy I worked ahead with my ATC's for the ABC ATC's Around the world and Cactus Monday.
Friday I will on a 6 day trip to Hongkong with Marja. Yeehaa!
From next week on I hope to post and visit more regularly. I have to show you all the wonderful things I have been receiving in the mail for TT, but my camera is in repair.
Today I must study, will go to my art class though......
I hope to have my camera and energy back next week.
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Happy Animal Wednesday Marianne.
    Sorry, I tr to drop by more often, I am competing with time too!

    All the best in your exam, may you have the wisdom to answer all questions.

  2. Hi Lieverd,wat is dat Moe??
    Wel alles vertellen he,lekker veel groene thee drinken en citroenen persen.
    Raad is wat ik kreeg "LOLOmail",wist jij niet natuurlijk ;-))
    Helemaal leuk ....
    Als ik wat voor je kan doen bellen he.

  3. oh no that doesn't sound at all good marianne. please take it easy before you go off to hk (ooooh i was in hk in 1984 with a friend and i loved it!).xxx

  4. I think we're all very busy these days! Have fun with your friend and relax

  5. I hope you have a great time on your trip. Can't wait to hear,see, read all about it. You have been so busy of course you need time for yourself. Good luck on your exam. Have fun...

  6. Dear Marianne,

    We all show up when we can. No pressure, ever.

    Please listen to your body so you can be rested for your trip with Marja! I'm going to send her more teddy bear cards, they were her favorites:)

    I'll work on your Global Greeting card while you're in HK so it will be waiting for you when you get home!

    Good luck on the exam. I know you will do fine.

    I love this little puppy!

    Big hugs XXXX

  7. Hmmm dit klinkt alsof je wel wat energie kunt gebruiken....
    Kan je wat sturen als je wilt, alle beetjes helpen :-).
    Laat maar ff horen.

    En ik moet even zeggen wat een snoepie ik dat hondje vind!!! Een nieuw huisgenootje?

    Liefs uit Wissenkerke

  8. Hey, when life interferes just go with the flow and relax. Your trip sounds like the perfect remedy for a busy life. Enjoy.

    That puppy has the cutest face I have seen in a long time.


  9. Always good to hear from you, whenever you can. You are indeed a world traveler! Take care of yourself. That puppy's face is adorable!!!! Looks like he was caught with his paw in the sugar bowl!

  10. dear best friend marianne,

    everybody is being nice to you but maybe they are really thinking they wish they were going to hong kong and not you and maybe they are thinking marianne should do her blog even if she's tired.

    but not me, of course, marianne. if anyone is not nice to you i will throw bananas at them. that is my new thing to throw. did you know they fly like footballs?

    there is a valentine for you on kj's blog. well, it's really not a valentine but would you mind pretending it is so you can have it>

    emily rabbit

  11. Dang...Hongkong now??? WOW!!! I am so jealous!!! Rest up, work, travel amd create so need a rest now and then!!! Good gief!!! Have a wonderful trip!!!

  12. Don't you worry Marianne's blogfriends I found the right therapy for Marianne.
    The retailtherapy just the thing in HK ;-)))

    Will take care of her ,like she always does for others.


  13. Hi Marianne!!!

    Son't worry...we are all here for you....hope you are feeling more energized this week and goodluck on your exam!!!!

    This photo is so so cute!!!!


  14. That is the cutest puppy face! Have fun on your trip and good luck on your exam. I hate exams.

  15. Retail therapy rocks...and in Hong Kong...Zowie! You'll be dancing in the streets in no time...What an awesome puppy pout! Love those eyes! :)


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