Friday, February 19, 2010

My Book by the ArtySoulSisters!

My book has arrived! Click to enlarge to see all the gorgeous pages! Thanks Suki , Mim, Lynn , Katie, Caroline, Lisa, Lolo and last but not least Soul (also for organizing this fun event) for all these beautiful pages! Now I have to find a way to make a book with the covers I already had painted a while ago.

To be continued.............


  1. oh how cool is that!!! wow...what a wonderful book Marianne!!! looks fantastic!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend !!!


  2. Mooi joh,en er een boek van maken daar kom jij wel uit ,toch?
    Lolo's pakje is onderweg.
    xxx Mar

  3. I just love your cover page. It was fun watching you create. You are so fast! ;) How do you upload such a long video?? Isn't this book just marvelous!!

  4. this is a great book, Marianne. I think asking us to place Sjimmie on each page gave a nice sense of unity to the book.

  5. yup i saw it last and it was/is fantastic!!!thanks for playing with us marianne. sjimmie rocks.

  6. So nice to see it all displayed! I had such fun with this one because I love painting cats, especially ones I know and love ;)


  7. Oh utterly delightful to see your finished book. such beauty in those pages and your cat must be oh so tired from his long journey around the world! I know Henry misses him and sends his best!

    Love love love the video. So enjoyed watching you bring your art together for us to see. Fun music too. Thanks.

  8. Wow Marianne, your book is just beautiful!! Everyone made a wonderful Sjimmie world!
    Love the video also.

  9. Great book, and I loved the video. I always enjoy watching how people create their art. The speeded-up action of videos like yours always makes it look so effortless. I recently rediscovered your blog, and I am glad to see that it is even better than I remembered. Thanks for the post and the video and I hope to see more videos in the future.


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