Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Animal Wednesday / Animals in Bangkok.

Compared with our pets you sometimes are shocked to see how some animals have to live and survive on the streets........
(Big brother was also allowed to join the buffet)
You can measure civilization by the way people treat their animals.
And Thai people take care of their animals in the best possible way.
They really do the best they can.
I have never seen them treat animals bad.
The Thai people are very friendly, both to human and animals. I think one of the reasons might be that 95% of the population is Buddhist. I wish it was of the world population.........
(Mommy was having some me time downstairs)
Hey is that a Thai Ridgeback???
Any animals in this picture? Look closer......
Even these critters were left in peace.
(They were big and fast)
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. I wonder how many of those animals will get nutered? Found the egret...could have done without the cockroaches, EUEWWWWWW. LOL

  2. It is always so enriching to travel and see how the other half lives. You can pick and choose the best from other cultures and bring it home. Home is the best place.

  3. Yikes! The last two photos will make Robin scream! I used to save her from those creatures when we worked together in San Francisco long ago :-). The way people treat animals here in Taos is shameful...

  4. wow - great pictures - makes me want to take the animals home. I have a half-step-niece (go figure that one out) who lives in Thailand working for the UN - her problem recently was that she couldn't find a vet to put her cat to sleep when it was really ill - due to everyone being a Buddhist.

  5. Ewwww...I can't stand cockroaches!

    I'm a big advocate of spay neuter and anti breeding, but at least it's nice to hear that people are kind and are doing the best they can.

    I am not a violent person, but if there were one thing that I could get myself in trouble over is animal (and child) abuse! My emotions take over and I see red!

  6. Hi Lynn, yes I couldn't help putting those cockroaches in :) I really don't like them either and they can drive me crazy and make me scream......

    O Lisa, I love your comment! Thqat how I feel and this post was meant.
    I see so many things on my travels and some break my heart..........but I always try to look at things from another angel. See what is good about their ways and indeed learn from that.

    Hi Mim,
    I sometimes want that too but I already did in the past so thats why I (still) have 6 cats. Which is more then enough........
    How painful that your relative couldn't find a vet to do that. Poor kitty had to suffer longer then necessary....Cultures colliding.....

    Hi Annie.
    When they run towards me they can make me scream too!!!!
    Not many animals can do that trick ;)
    So you and robin were colleagues in the nice is that!

    So am I Doris, but in some countries it is just not possible...... It just makes me wonder why there aren't more animals on the street.....?
    And I agree with you I shouldn't see anyone treat an animal bad otherwise they are in trouble.....with me!!

  7. Your camera's been working overtime Marianne! I love the kitties cuddled together there - asian cats have big ears!! Did they have bent tails too?
    I am not a fan of cockroaches....

  8. It's facinating to me to see other places, other ways of doing things. I know in the developing countries i've been in many animals are not thought of as pets, but more of a nuisance. It is heartbreaking.

    I'd be happy to see buddhism spread throughout the world.

    Love those snuggly kitties!


    haha, word veri: fangly

  9. EEEK! Yes, Annie was right.....I am truly, deeply (and madly) afraid of cockroaches! If I see one, I run...."they" are the main reason I have never traveled anywhere tropical - this includes Florida and Hawaii...(where they FLY)... I can't explain why they terrify me so..because I am ok with spiders (small), lizards and snakes (all sizes)....

    And yes, Annie is indeeed my oldest friend...

    Love to you and the Furry Ones!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  10. Hi Caroline,
    Indeed all the cats we saw had big ears and bend tails, sometimes even bobtails.
    And I am not a fan of cockroaches either......... There are only a few animals I really don't like : fleas lice and cockroaches!

    I agree Lori but I think They are not considered a nuisance here....And yes more Buddhism in the world please ♥

    Poor Robin,
    I must admit I was screaming a little bit as well..............:(
    They can really make me freak out. And there is not much else which can do that.....
    One cockroach in my hotel room is enough to get me a sleepless night....

  11. Looks like the animals take care of themselves as best they can.
    Those are the biggest roaches I've ever seen!

  12. I wonder why this post never appeared in my blog roll???

    I love the cockroaches the best!

    hahahahaha! You KNOW I don't mean that.
    I wish everyone treated their pets the way we do. Mine live better than me, but then they deserve to because they're so cute and loyal! the roaches and cute kitties and you♥

  13. Ghandi heeft inderdaad die mooie uitspraak gedaan over de mate van beschaving en hoe we met dieren omgaan.

    Toen ik die laatste foto zag, wilde ik meteen het Mexicaanse lied 'la Cucaracha...' gaan zingen!! Onvoorstelbaar dat deze diertjes qua evolutie ouder zijn dan wij.


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