Sunday, September 26, 2010

Frog mandala

Today I read KJ's post and decided to post my frog mandala once more.
You can read more about this here and also download the coloring page I made.
More about Frog symbolism in KJ's post and here.
Yes or No?
Yes I believe in animal totems!
Not only because I think animals show up in your life to tell or teach you something but also because I want to believe in magic.
Have a magical day!


  1. Wat zouden we zijn zonder onze beesies....
    Lekker getennist wat was het lekker gister,we zijn naar de drunense Duinen geweest,prachtig.
    Hebben lekker in het zonnetje gelopen en als afsluiting een stortbui,alhoewel m'n panties waren nog droog :)))
    Schitterende regenboog gezien.
    Lovly Sunday sweetie,

  2. This mandala is so interesting and beautiful - I'm off to read the links you've posted

  3. I do love this sweet frog mandala!

    And you know I like to believe in magic too ;)

    Happy Sunday!


  4. beautiful. I believe in magic too. I think KJ should have kissed the frog to see what might happen!! smile.

  5. Just came here from kj's post and said there that I now know why I've had so many frogs in the swimming pool!! Love your Mandala.x

  6. Ja, ja, Ich glaube auch im Magik!

    And, I adore Frogs.....I have a small collection of glass ones - many wearing a crown....because I am still seeking for my "Prince"!

    This Mandela is especially beautiful..... you never cease to amaze mwe with your talent - and you big, wonderful, loving heart!

    Kuss-Kuss to all!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. Marianne, this is so wonderful!
    I do beleive that animals have great meaning in our lives and I do beleive in magic, but I don't always believe what the books say about animals and what they mean, because I think when an animal comes to us the meaning is always personal. I do so love your frog mandala! xoxo

  8. How adorable! I love frogs! I frequently find the bright green tree frog in my house and yes, the occasional toad as well, but I've not yet dared to kiss one of them to find out if they turn into a prince ;-)

    Have a lovely day!
    Doris and Gizzy :-)

  9. I want to believe in magic also! This is a magical mandala if I ever saw one!!! Love those crowns!!!

  10. Hi Marianne!!! I love your Frog Prince Mandala!!!your work always makes me smile...I also love your new profile pic with the mandala and you!!! gorgeous!!


  11. Oh! i love everything about this post! your drawing is so beautiful, i've never seen a frog in a mandala!

    and your so right about magic, wouldn't life seem so sad without a little of it in each day?! (or a LOT) heehee.

    happy sunday Marianne!

  12. This frog prince certainly makes me want to believe in magic. Of course I believe in magic and animal totems. My totem is the Flicker. They show up in my life a lot. They make me feel wonderful. I will have to pop over to KJ's and see what she has to say about them.

  13. marianne, you are so sweet.

    i WANT to like frogs and i do like frogs, but i was jumpier than the frog seeing it in my bathroom. of course lo has now told the world i am a scardy cat... :)

    i don't know what to think sometimes when messages appear in my life. i know i no longer believe in coincidence. and i know to LOOK.

    the frog in this mandala is my idea of a perfect frog!

    and marianne, tonight your mandalas are being hung in our newly painted front hall. right across from the front door. i wish you could see for yourself how incredibly awesome they look.

    love love love marianne, always

  14. Marianne, i also love frog...

    Ha..Ha..I never thought of using frog as a mandala character.
    This really brings new insight to me. Moreover, green is my favourite colour....

    Yes, I believe in magic too!

    Yoon See

  15. I love this frog mandala. His expression is so majestic. It's beautiful and fun!


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