Monday, September 20, 2010

Cactus Monday / Images from Bangkok

These we found at the weekend market.
Perfect shots for CM!
A desert Rose outside the massage parlor.
Marja and I have both memories from our childhood of this succulent...... you see my dear friend in this picture?????
(more pictures tomorrow......)
Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. What fun seeing all of these cactus. I like the gravel they have around each plant. I bet you wished you could bring one home. I can't wait to see more about your trip.

  2. Wow, nice days away must be so nice. Seems like you had fun (read your prev post). HCM!

  3. Love that top pic - it's a cactus quilt!

  4. You always manage to find cactus wherever you go :)

    I spotted marja right away! Her smile gives her away ;)

    I'll email you later. I have to be productive today!

    Nice to know you're home for a while!


  5. Marianne, how wonderful to find a "CM" post from you! Now that our Jossie has taken a blogging break, I missed seeing your succulent posts! I love cactus....and I'll bet you wished you could have brought a few home with you to add to your collection!

    Love the photos! And of course, I could see "Beaudor's Mum" through the crowd! You two must have had so much fun!

    I'll bet Sjimmie and Spook and the Doggies are thrilled to have you home! (But I know they are all in good hands with the wonderful Felix there to watch over them!)


    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. Wonderful! Happy Monday Marianne.

  7. Oh wow! you found a lot of cactus. they really are so pretty, but always from a nice distance!

    hope your enjoying your home time!

    oh, do you have your own cactus garden marianne?

  8. HCM,M. yeah we really had fun,so special.....
    Beaudor's eyes need matches he's sooooooooooooo tired ,but doesn't go to sleep LOL.
    Just went to the woods he played with his Dobermanngirlfriend all the time watching me LOL.
    When you go to your Mom,come and drink a W.

  9. Love that cactus you remember from childhood...what super texture it has...Welcom home! happy Cactus Monday!

  10. well! i can't take my eyes off that gorgeous new avatar photo of you. THAT is how you look and if you don't mind my announcing it to the world, you are beautiful inside and out!

    okay, now about the cactuses. i love following you around the orient, marianne. how i wish i could see that cactus quilt for myself. someday, someday.... :)

    i love that your dear friend travels with you. would you hint to her that i would love a little visit from her on my blog?

    glad you are home. i hope it's relaxing.


  11. What a bunch of great succulents! How sad to have to leave them all there! Your childhood favorite is a new favorite of mine!

  12. Bankok??? Oh my goodness you are so fortunate to see all of these awesome places!!! WOW! Happy Cactus Monday to you, Marianne! Glad you are home safely once again!

  13. Happy belated Cactus Monday!
    Lovely places with lovely scenes, especially these cute cactuses!
    Thanks for sharing Marianne:)

    Love your smile of your new profile photo, you are such an angel Marianne!

  14. How fun to find cacti all over the world!

    Happy belated CM


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