Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Animal Wednesday / Cookie Monsters

Here are my Koekie (Dutch for cookie) and my Cookie Monster...........
Felix is showing his new shirt Marja bought him in Bangkok and Koekie thought she just heard her name......or.................
Did anyone call me or mention cookies???!!! yeahhh!
Well we both love cookies ♥
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. hahahahahahaha!!!!

    That was hilarious! And Felix looks quite handsome in his CM shirt ;)

    What a perfect Animal Wednesday surprise!

    So wonderful talking to you last night.
    Miss you! I'll send the Magpie when the weekend is over ;)


  2. Adorable (and sweet) post! Both Felix and Koekie are so wonderful together! Love Marja's shirt for Felix!

    Ah, the ONLY sad thing about the upcoming YART Fair is that YOU, Marja, Jossie and Annie will not be there..... NEXT TIME!

    Sending you, Sjimme (der Konig), Spook, Minoe, Koekie (I am FINALLY getting everyone's names right) and Felix hugs!!!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. You son is so sweet in his cookie monster shirt! And the pup wants his COOKIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
    Cute video too. Thanks for sharing.
    (Your Pay Pal payment came through, I will get your pocketbook into the mail asap!, thanks again for your order!!!!xoxo)

  4. Nice shirt on your handsome little man. Doggies are so funny - it's always about them, isn't it? I know it's all about Gizzy - that's for sure LOL

  5. Grrrr,second try!!!!

    Beautiful picture from your 2 supermodels...

    Hachi was so sad....Beaudor watched together with me so cute,now and then he raised from his bed to inspect it from a bit closer.
    Think he was afraid that doggie which made me cry came out LOL.
    Tomorrow I"ll start searching for a Droppieshirt for Lars.

  6. how adorable! oh your puppy looks a bit like mine! (and i wish my sons were that age again) did someone say cookie?! haha!

    happy animal wednesday (is it really wednesday already??)dear marianne.

    ♥ lori

  7. Your cookie monster is adorable. I sure he gets that trait from his Momma. HAW.

  8. Felix is such a doll and Cookie is too! I am a bit of cookie monster myself :-). xoxo

  9. So funny Marianne. I always loved cookie monster weeny kids were growing up.

  10. Oh my gosh...two dolls in one picture??? Felix is so cute (but don't tell him I said he was "cute"! AND Koekie is such a sugar baby too...too funny about the names of the Koekie/Cookie's!!! He he he.

  11. Jaaa, cookie monster - He's the best!

  12. I've always loved cookie monster. My son dressed up for Halloween one time as that lovable monster. Felix looks just right!


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