Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday / Frida

Although I have a lot to be thankful for ,
(a few things I will show you next week)
I want to dedicate this TT to this special gift I got from Lolo.
Maybe some of you remember these shots of when I got Frida from Lo in August when I visited her in RI.
Be still my heart!!!!
That is where I felt the present.....
I knew I was going to get a painting and I knew it would take my breath away!
I knew it would be something I loved......
But it was beyond expectation!
1/2 hour before I left to Bangkok (14 days ago) the postman rang.....
And in my uniform I unpacked Frida, she arrived save and sound.
For the time being I hanged her in the hall.
We were reunited and had to say goodbye at the same time.......
Sunday, the day after I came home, I hanged her where Felix suggested.
Above my PC. This is where I start and end my day when I am at home.
Since Sunday I drink coffee with Frida in the morning (2 cups at least) Drink a glass of wine in the afternoon and we both say cheers to Lolo and life!
(Viva la Vida!)
When I paint, Frida is watching me just like she watches Spook and Minoes drink from my water glass.
I love her company. I love the idea that Lo and I both have each others painting at the same place.
She looks at me reassuring and calm. She looks at me happy and reminds me to be happy too!
This is a very special gift from a very special friend!
How can I ever thank you enough?!
Frida is home now and I am very thankful for that!
I got her twice, once in RI and once again when she came home, I am thankful for that!
Besides I will enjoy her company for the rest of my life I am thankful for this special friendship I found while blogging.
Thank you Lo!
I miss you............
Happy Thankful Thursday!
Hope you all have lots to be thankful for as well!


  1. Marianne.....what a gorgeous post!
    Your heartfelt words made me cry - because friends like you and Lo are what truly make the world a better, more loving place.

    Love the photos of Spook and Monoes (I am s-l-o-w-l-y learning the names of all your Furry Ones...) under Frida. She does look gorgeous in your home....just as Lo thought she would! And just as Felix (dein Wunderkind) knew she would!

    Hugs to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. Beautiful words ......jeah wet eyes :))


  3. Just so beautiful, the friendship, the painting and the words.

  4. truely beautiful, yourself, Lolo and Frieda, and felix and kitties

  5. Dear M~

    I love seeing her there. She is home where she was meant to be.

    Our friendship is special and I believe it always will be.
    And I love that we begin and end our days in front of each other's paintings ;)

    Hello Spook and Minoes! Frida approves of you :)

    I was very busy today but now I'm home and ready for... :)

    Thank you for posting this. I painted it with love♥


  6. Ah, Marianne, this is so wonderful. How nice of Lolo to send you that. I think over your PC is the perfect place for her.

  7. Marianne, this is a darling post! I love your Frida and I think you and Lo make wonderful friends. Isn't blogging beautiful! xoxo

  8. The painting is so beautiful - Laurel has done a magnificent job! I can imagine how proud of her you must be!

  9. I have a painting of my old dog Samson in front of me everyday - yes...another Lo special. She has a talent with the paintbrush but a better talent with friendship. Your Frieda painting is awesome!!!

  10. The painting is magnificent!
    The artist is too.
    And the giftee is a gift to us all as well.
    How sweet to me that we both posted about Lolo today.
    How lucky we all are to know each other in this marvelous way. Whoever dreamt up blogging gets a hug from me each and every day!

  11. marianne, i kept staring and staring at frida. i know this painting well because lo shared the process with me. i know how precious her gift to you is and will always be.

    but i kept staring. she is facing right, but wait, then she is facing left. how can that be?

    it's taken me silly minutes to figure out i am seeing her through mirror in your house.

    hahahahaha! i can be so dense!

    love you, marianne. !!!

  12. How lovely! it's not a surprise to me that all this love and beauty comes into your life Marianne, you are a beautiful example of reaping what you sow.

    Lolos painting looks right at home in your home, like she's always been there.

    enjoy all the beautiful people (and paintings in your life!)



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