Monday, September 27, 2010

Cactus Monday / Purple Succulent

A purple mandala succulent which i made this morning with watercolors and micron pen.
Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead of you.
Happy Cactus Monday!
For more succulent and prickly fun visit Teri, she has the links!


  1. how i wish i could sit beside you while you paint this, marianne.

    the tones of the purples are just wonderful

    robin is going to have a _______ (fill in your own blank) hee hee

    i hope you are having a good day. it is rainy here and i am hopping here and there, no complaints, not even one.


  2. have spend your morning well :))


  3. Lovely, Marianne. Kj is right Robin will love it! xoxo

  4. Ja, Ja......KJ und Annie war richtig! Robin liebt diese schoene "Kactus"....(was ist der richtige spelling?)...


    Aber alles was Du maldest (?) gefallt mich!

    Liebe Grusse zu der schone "Konig Sjimmie", der wunderschoen Spook und all die Tieren...... und auch, dein Wunderkind, Felix!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. I love all your beautiful mandalas! This one no exception.
    Please email me at for instructions regarding the pocketbook sale. Thanks so much, so glad you like them. I did respond also in comments on my blog.

  6. HCM Marianne. Lovely piece. I am beginning to like purple a lot.

    ps. It's spring where I am (Australia). Yay, summer soon!

  7. Wow Marianne, what a gorgeous purple!


  8. Dear M~

    I have been absent from emails and blogs today getting ready for you know what ;)

    I love this lavender mandala. Hmmm, it reminds me of....r....!

    I enjoyed reading Felix's comment on my blog today. We just love him...all of us!!

    Did you bu a purse from Lynn?? You will love it!! I bought one for my sister and will giv it to her Thursday when she comes. I have filled the pockets with keepsakes. And I bought one for my niece's daughter and will give it to her at Christmas.

    What a wonderful blog world we have.

    Miss you and love you!


  9. Purdy Purple Cactus MOnday, Marianne!!!

  10. Oh my Marianne, you inspire me so much, i can't believe you made this just this morning.
    It's beautiful. And i'm pretty sure Robin said so too. ;)


  11. I'd have to arm wrestle Robin for this - its lovely and gorgeous and beautiful and royal.

  12. The depth of field you created with this color really draws you into the mandala. Beautiful. HCM.

  13. Happy Cactus Monday Marianne!

    Lisa is right, the different gradient of colours setted on the petals do invite us into your beautiful Mandala!

    I definitely have a wonderful blooming moment here.

  14. Sehr huebsch und die Farben sind echt schoen - eigentlich meine Lieblingsfarben mit lila und rosa...ich sollte auch wieder zum Malen anfangen, aber habe momentan zu viel zu haeckeln...aber einen Kaktus habe ich gehaekelt mit rote Blueten drauf.

    Bis bald,
    auf Wiederbloggen
    Doris und Gizzy


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