Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blooming Tuesday / Flowers from Bangkok

A few shots with flowers from BKK.
I just love it that you find orchids everywhere!
And my favorite plant the desert rose
This was taken on our longtale boat trip through the klongs.
Our panties were still dry there.....I was happy that we ended in that thunderstorm in the end of the trip so we managed to see everything first.
Real lotus flowers in the Quan Yin temple in Chinatown.
Notice how they fold those outer petals.
This was near the golden Buddha in Chinatown, I brought these for Lolo as well, only a smaller bunch ;)
Can't decide which flower is more beautiful Marja or the orchids beside her....
Happy Blooming Tuesday!
(guess what I will post tomorrow...........;))
Remember it is World Peace Day Today!
You just have to keep believing in peace .............. ♥Peace to all♥


  1. Looks like you and Marja had a great time in Bangkok...love the photos and your peace video...really thoughtful.

  2. Everything here is beautiful including you dear friend!!

  3. If people would focus more on the flowers of the world there would be more peace and less pollution. Just think if they used all the emotion and finances to clean up the world that they use on war and destruction what an Eden we would have. It appears that you lovely flowers had a great time.

  4. Beautiful flowers! And I am with Mim beautiful women as well :-).

  5. What a beautiful post!!
    I love the picture of M and M ;)

    And Marja looks beautiful at the table. Her glasses are new, yes?

    The video was very informative and inspiring. If only...
    One day hopefully there will be world peace.

    love you,

  6. Such gorgeous flowers! It must smell like Paradise.... flowers always uplift one's heart...even on grey, rainy days!

    Marja is lovely....and I am sure the two of you turned many a head as you passed by....

    I am still a believer that one day, we may have world peace....at lease we can all do our best....and that can only bring about more love and healing in this sometimes cruel planet.

    Kuss-Kuss for Sjimmie und Spook...ach, und auch fur der "arme, mudige" Beaudor wenn Marje diese sehen sollte!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. You make me blush.....beautiful pics,didn't succeed to put mine on Picasso,maybe thursday.

    Yeah let's believe in peace,and lets all start in our frontyard....
    Slept till 9,and Beaudor is still in his bed,very tired from school last night.

  8. Hello dear Marianne,
    Thanks for always dropping by and your lovely words!
    Happy Blooming Tuesday to you too!
    The flowers from Bangkok are truly fascinating!

    I also can't decide my favoutite blooms here, they have just stolen my heart!

    You look great here Marianne. I also love your new profile photo, so clever with a mandala behind..He..He..

    Take care and stay cool and fun always!

  9. It's so nice to meet you, Marianne! First to your question about my Gizzy: Yes, he's a Pedigree Pekingese and he'll be 13 on November 1st. I love him to pieces and he's spoiled rotten!

    I just love your blog - so full of beauty and believe me, I'm a visual person and I'd rather see a million photos than read two long paragraphs...not that I mind reading, but on a blog especially, photos speak a thousand words!

    I have never seen a Lotus flower and I will try to draw/paint one. They are so beautiful and I suspect they smell intoxicating. I envy you being able to go to all those exotic places - maybe in my next life time ;-)

    I also visited your shop on Etsy and left you two messages, one in German...it was about Gizzy, so you know the answer now. I will come and visit you often. You lead an exciting life. I also referred you to a friend who is a quilter/seamstress (reapholsterer, furniture refurbisher, amongst many other things) and makes Mandala meditaiton pillows.

    Bye for now,
    Doris and Gizzy :-)

  10. ah, lovely flowers and folks. Peace, Suki

  11. Beautiful post about peace day Marianne. I was reminded of you throughout the video as the peace signs look like mandalas!

    I always love to travel vicariously with you! I hope i can go there someday too! Hi marja! it's nice to meet you. ☺


  12. So much beauty...I do love traveling along with you. Thanks for taking me.

  13. I absolutely love "travelling in your back pocket"...thanks for sharing the beauty of the world with all of us.

  14. Lovely to see these blooming pics from your trip Marianne! I love lotus blossoms - bought some seed pods at the market a few weeks back (must remember to post the photos sometime) and now have them drying upside down in the bathroom - they're great for decoration!


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