Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Animal Wednesday / A new Fiance

The new Fiance of the ladies arrived Friday.
He likes his new place
Exploring his new territory
Isn't he handsome?!
If I were a deer I would be happy with this beauty!
"Here's looking at you, kid!"
Lancelot Chatelain is staying with us until January.............
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Love the photos of the deer Marianne....hope the fella meets the ladies approval !

  2. Hij is echt MOOI,waarom hou je hem niet:))leuke naam ook haha.
    Hoop dat je koffer het houdt en bienvenue als je al aan je wijntje zit.
    Mr.B heeft een nieuwe lover in France ze heet Zola(Nick was als graffitiartist Zola hoe vindt je die:))
    Nou lieverd wij gaan vrijdag op pad en zijn de 8ste terug dan gaan we afspreken,mis je.

  3. wow - this is amazing - isn't he the handsome dude?
    are you still in Chicago with the storm??? thinking of you!!!

  4. What a handsome dude indeed. I hope she accepts his presence. Won't it be fun to have little ones at some point. HAW.

  5. Interesting development here in the deer compound.

  6. My gosh, you never know what you will see a blogger doing next!!! He is a doll!!!

  7. Ohhhh....I feel like the proud God-Mother.. weil Du hast ihn "Lancelot" genennen! It works well with "Chatelain"..... and doesn't it suit him so? He is so gorgeous....and I am sure the
    "Fair Damsels" will agree!

    I am thinking of you in Chicago - hoping the weather has calmed down....

    Sending you many, many hugs! And blowing a kiss Eastward to Lancelot, the "Damsels" and all the family!

    Immer mit Liebe,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. Wonderful! Beautiful little deer, lovely green spot for them to live.

  9. he's a hottie!!!

    I wouldn't give him back ;)


  10. Is that your black cat peeking from the corner of your blog?? He's so cute!

  11. What a pretty place for him to stay for a while..he is indeed a very handsome buck! Lovely photos - thank you for sharing them with us :-)

  12. What a handsome creature - sure to be a hit with the ladies looking like that and with such an charming name! What fun to be able to have these right on your doorstep! x

  13. He is lovely! I hope the ladies enjoy him till January ;)

  14. You have a deer?? oh my gosh! How exciting, he really is a beauty.

    If your still in Chicago, I hope your having a wonderful time (it's a great city)!

    ♥ lori

  15. Sorry to drop by late! I agree with you that the lovely deer does stared at us....withher friendly smile too!


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