Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Animal Wednesday / Sjimmie

This one is for Robin who has been asking for Sjimmie ♥
An oldie which I just found on my pc again.
I just love this picture ♥
It is Sjimmie's encounter with a present I got last year.
Sjimmie has been in a fight and his ear was badly damaged last week.
I always put calendula with lavender on wounds and his ear has healed beautifully.
I am so happy it is still in one piece........
His Royal Highness . This is still one of my favorite pictures of him.
(I will try to make a new picture of him soon....)
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Liebe Marianne,
    did you hear my GASP of joy when I saw the "Royal One"? I know, I know, I should not have favourites.....because ALL of your Furry Ones are gorgeous..... but, I just adore Sjimmie.....can't help myself! I LOVE THESE PHOTOS - old or not...... he is a subject that bears repeating! I am so sorry about his adorable (and delicate) ear..... ouch! Danke Vielmals! Du bist die BESTE MUTTI fur Sjimmie! Er weisst das.....und Ich auch!

    Danke fur die Bilder! Kuss der Sjimmie fir much! Und Kusse fur alles!!!!!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. Sjimmie wasn't so sure of your gift was he? Such an aristocratic cat. HAW.

  3. That is my favorite pix of Sjimmie also. Oh that poor ear. ouch.


  4. great photos Marianne!!! he sure is one lucky kitty cat!!!

  5. I was missing Sjimmie too! Sorry about the ear, and glad it's healing nicely. Ole Henry V has been in cat fights two days in a row now. So far I think he has won both! Hope his luck holds up.

  6. Hallo Marianne!

    What beautiful cats! I must figure out a way to find some of that calendula with lavender because I'm constantly encountering scratched up kitty ears and necks - we have strays outside and one of them thinks he is mine and he lets me pet him and even go inside the house as long as the door is ajar - or else he panics and bolts through the screen window.

    Mach's gut und bis bald,
    Doris :-)

  7. Ach arme Sjim ,ja moet je maar niet vechten :))dan zijn altijd de oortjes de ....
    De zon schijnt hier jippie voel me al gelijk beter.
    Een dikke knuffel voor de vechtersbaas en alle andere beesies.

  8. Oh he is so beautiful!!!! I just love-love-love kitty cats and have three spoiled rotten ones. Your artwork is awesome!

  9. Those are two of my favorite photos! I love it when they're fooled by statues. hahaha!


  10. Two altra-grand pics of Sjimmie!!! Sorry to hear about his ear and that is is healing well. Is Calendula the same thing as Marigold???

  11. I ♥ Sjimmie - he is a black velvet cat!

  12. Never mind to revisit the oldies, Sjimmie is definitely so cute!

    I hope Sjommie is fine after the fight and will get recovered very soon! Don't worry Marianne!


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