Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thankful Thursday / a lot to be thankful for!

After 3 years Spook came to sit on my lap for the very first time!!
Can't tell you how thrilled I was! And deeply thankful for her coming around like that.
Of course there are a hundred little steps from the moment we got her but with this step she let my heart jump with joy!
The picture is blurry and if I would have known my little princess was going to jump on my lap I would have put on a royal outfit.........and some lipstick ;)
Other things that made me happy and thankful (in random order):
A package arrived from Emily or was it KJ with a lovely card!
Still thankful for meeting you this summer!
Inside a lovely Frida doll to take with me in the suitcase or to keep my other treasures company? I haven't decided yet......
The doll is from Yoborobo, who makes all kinds of whimsical creations!
But what a cool gift, I haven't played with dolls in a long time . Thanks Emily for making me connect with my inner child again!
I took this picture to show you when you peek around the corner you can see the young Frida through the mirror!
Everywhere I look in my home there are such gorgeous things , little and huge treasures from dear friends!
This book was send by my dear friend Lisa!
Can you believe she made this herself??!!
Amazing eh!
Hope you can see the cover with the oriental image!
Made with such precision and lovely green beads.
Thanks Lisa! It is nearly to pretty to use but I will I promise!
A while ago I got this etegami card from sweetheart Lo!
Her first try! My what a promise for her future etegami cards!
Natural talent shows in all her work.
Thanks dear!
This little flying miracle flew along with the card I ordered from Ripple.
Beautiful and sad at the same time, sometimes life is just like that......
The ripple project sure has helped a lot of animals.
Thanks Lo for helping them with your art and generosity!
This card came a few days ago with such sweet words and I haven't shown you this notebook which was inside the gorgeous box I got in Rhode Island.
Unfortunately I can't show you the ginger cookies anymore. I finished them all in one evening......(read one hour)
Oh oh they were too good! A new favorite of mine.
Thanks Lolo for spoiling me rotten.


  1. you look gorgeous in that outfit. love the colors. and so thrilling that kitty has enough comfort and trust to sit on your lap. wow.

    just gorgeous gifts from your dear friends. bask in the beauty.

  2. I could feel your joy with your lap full of comfortable cat. I am glad she finally decided to accept you as family. Wonderful gifts too. You have been blessed.

  3. Not only is Spook on your lap, look how she is curled up and loving! I know the joy you feel about this ;)

    Frida!!! Yoborobo makes the best little dolls. How sweet of KJ to send her to you! I love seeing "Young Frida" in the mirror.

    I'm glad the chair postcard arrived. I really do miss you at my table :(

    I just finished the last of my licorice drops!! I gave some to friends too, you brought so much. You spoil me as well. Guess what? I still have a few ginder cookies left. I can really make things last sometimes (but not wine!)

    I have so many things to list for TT, I may have to split it into several posts.

    Thank you for being you♥


  4. Marianne, when you told me about Spook sitting in your lap for the first time, my eyes filled with tears! What an enormous gesture of trust and love she showed! And one can tell, she is totally relaxed and secure in her "Mum"s lap! This is a WONDERFUL gift!

    When I saw Frida's reflection in the mirror, I cried.... what you share with Lo is the true definition of FRIENDSHIP.....

    And all those lovely gifts..... Pam's doll is perfect for you - and leave it to KJ to find something spot-on! She is a wonder!

    Everything in this post reflects why we all adore you so much!

    How is Sjimmie? You have been silent about the "Der Konig des Schloss".... ha-ha!

    Love to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Oh Spook! I know what a miracle and how wonderful that feels! I also love all your gifts, so beautiful, each and everyone. Blogging friends are the very best!

  6. Hi Dear,
    Are you already on the fried rice,hope not alone :))well were with you in thoughts.
    That Spook you won her over....
    During our morningwalk in the fog suddenly the sun came and B. looked at me and all sad thoughts about N. were gone.
    Then heard on the radio A. Kamerling made a end on his life so sad a young daddy ((:
    From now I'll start zeuren less.


  7. It's like Christmas Marianne. Lots of wonderful friends and gifts!

  8. That's friends are for, you sure are spoiled by these super cool gifts.

    I love to see Lolo's Chinese name here too.

    Teri is right! Christmas gifts!!!

  9. Your kitty story touched my heart. I'm so glad she finally became comfortable and trusting enough to jump in your lap.

    A lot of very wonderful gifts indeed. You are greatly loved!

    My verification word is tricat!
    And your cat tried!

  10. That is the cutest picture of you with Spook! Happy day!!!

    What grand surprises from all of those dear friends!!! WOWZERS!!!

  11. Oh Marianne, you look completely lovely in that photo. And how very sweet your spook came and cuddled on your lap. I'm sure i would have had tears.

    All your treasures are so cool, i probably would have eaten the cookies too! i had to go see where the adorable doll was made and now i met Pam! What a talent all of you are!

    p.s. your house looks so pretty.


  12. I'm surprised it took her three years to trust and love back. That is so neat to finally reap the love you've been giving all this time. Love all your art treasures - your house is beautiful.

  13. marianne, i am so behind in blogging and chores! i loved seeing frida here as much as i loved seeing YOU! i could so easily reach out and offer you all of my cookies! how blessed i feel about the time we spent together. i will never forget it, at least not until the next time :)

    emily is insisting that i tell you frida is from her not me and she thinks you should tuck her in your suitcase and sleep with you when you travel. i am just passing along her chattery nonstop advice.

    i love seeing all your gifts from such special people, but really truly my favorite part is seeing you again. sigh, yay, yippee!

    love love

  14. Hi Marianne! Look how happy Frida is to be there with you. She is glowing! I think kj knew you were the perfect person to have her, and she would LOVE to travel in your suitcase. A friend on the road. :)) Happy weekend to you! xo Pam

  15. oh my heavens Marianne!!! you are always getting amazing things in the mail!!! I imagine your postman thinks you are someone very very special!!! and you are!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  16. I just love that pic of you and Spook! I know that feeling so well - Tia was never a 'lap cat' until very recently and she now comes quite often for some Mumtime! 15 mins max though before she flounces off again!
    What a lot of wonderful goodies you have here!x

  17. I'll say you do have a lot to be thankful for! So many treasures from wonderful friends. You are lucky.

  18. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!!! A terrific post! You look so lipstick needed! :)


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