Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Animal Wednesday / Sarah

Enjoying the autumn sunshine.......
I always admire cats for finding the perfect spot and a little sunshine to enjoy life!
Hope you can find that spot and those rays too!
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Happy Animal Wedensday. What an intersting place for a cat to find a spot of sunshine.

  2. What a peaceful, beautiful photo!
    I had to enlarge it to see if the heron was real ;)

    This would make a nice painting.


  3. This is so true, and such a pretty peaceful scene. I hope the same for you dear Marianne.

    Happy animal wednesday!

  4. I agree - if you have trouble relaxing, just get a kitty cat and follow her suit! Cats know how to relax and find all the best spots to do it in - and often the most unusual ones too :-) Lovely photo! Thanks,

    Doris and the Gizzy!

  5. Marianne....what an incredible shot! It does look like the illustration Lo shared with us....
    life DOES imitate art!

    It is warm and sunny in's a help as I return to "reality" after those magical days in MA.

    Safe travels m' dear!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. I had to enlarge it also, and that kitty looks so composed and calm - it's wonderful.

  7. I really enjoy this picture, it's sure a lohas feeling!
    Yeah, loving the cute cat here...
    Happy Animal Wednesday!

  8. So sweet. yes, they do find their spots!


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