Friday, October 15, 2010


Every 14 days I go to Mantra singing.
I really can't sing, but they haven't kicked me out yet ;)
This little ATC I made for my Mantra teacher Tineke.
Instead of just giving her the money (a small amount btw) I out it in a organza bag with an ATC. So much nicer to give that way.
I am of to make her an ATC for this week.
This is one of the mantras we sung 14 days ago , but with in a slightly different melody
Let's see what tonight brings...........I look forward to an evening of meditation and singing.
Have a nice weekend!


  1. It's really lovely Marianne, the soft painting and the chanting. I love the om mani padme hum, the only mantra i know by heart.

    your class sounds like a good time and i'm sure your teacher will appreciate such a treasure from you.

    i loved your last post, about rediscovering long lost friends, i feel the same way about too much internet use in our lives, but there is so much positive and this is a perfect example.

    have a wonderful joyful night!

  2. lovely that you have this group to chant with. so healing.

  3. I love that you do this. I need to get back to meditation and yoga. I feel so bankrupt in that area of my life lately.

    Thanks for keeping Bliss in your heart. I know you pray in your way as do I. Prayers don't have to have a religious affiliation ;)

    I'm waiting to hear something, anything. I'll shower soon and get ready to make the trip to (hopefully) see her.

    I'll keep you posted.

    love you and miss you,

  4. Although I am a candle-burning, mass-attending Catholic, I have incorporated some of the Buddist philosphy into my faith.....
    I love the gentle power of chanting and your beautiful painting reflects that .....

    I hope your weeeknd is lovely..... although I know we are all stressing until we hear about Bliss and how she is doing......


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. I love chanting, Marianne. I am an ashram girl from way back (god dwells within me as me)

    anyone lucky enough to spend time with you is a lucky duck. I should know!

    You should see our birth mandalas. I will soon show you

    love love

  6. I enjoyed following the chinese (?) symbols. I am sure you have a lovely voice especially while chanting. Your teacher will no doubt treasure your drawings.

  7. :-))) Wellicht zien we elkaar dan volgende keer bij Tineke. Als het ff kan ben ik er bij. Was er laatst ook, maar toen was je er niet. Jammer, maar wie weet tot snel.



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