Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Marian!

This is the second mandala I ever painted.
I guess now I would do it differently just like everything else in life.
I am not the person to say I would do everything in my life the same way......
But I would certainly be friends with Marian again!!!!
She is a gem!
Having your birthday on the 10/10 2010 is special just like she is!
Today I returned from a short trip.
I will watch TV now and will fall asleep with hopefully some pets on top of me.
Tomorrow I will try to catch up with all of you and life in general!


  1. Marianne, this mandala is beautiful, I don't know what you would change, but I would not change anything :-).
    Happy Birthday to Marian and I hope you have a relaxing Day.

  2. Welcome home in a sunny Holland also for tomorrow :))
    Have a good night sleep.

  3. I am glad you are home safe and sound. Happy Birthday to Marian. The mandala is still a keeper just as your friendship is.

  4. Happy Birthday to your friend, Marian. That Mandala painting is amazing. I love it when I "discover" things the longer I stare at a picture...

    Happy snoozing with your pets. I love that feeling :-)

  5. beautiful carp mandala!
    I'm glad you're home with kids, pets and husband ;)

    I'm still sick:(
    Stupid cold!

    We're supposed to leave Tuesday morning to see my brother and nephew...hmmm, I wonder.

    Will catch up tomorrow.
    Lots of love!!

  6. This is gorgeous, Marianne! The fish look translucent, which is so cool! This mandala is certainly unique, but so are all of your other truely fantastic mandalas!!! Welcome back after your short trip...I suppose it is nearly morning there already by the time I am writing hope you are having pleasant dreams with the pets all around! LOL!

  7. Liebe Mrianne,
    I am glad you are home safely and full of more exotic adventures!

    Marian's Carp Mandala is hypnotic....I kept staring at it, letting myself be dran deepy is beautiful!

    Of course, because there are "fishies" in it, I thought of Mim at once!

    I know everyone is happy you are back!!!!! Me too!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. It's beautiful Marianne, I like it very much.

    happy birthday to Marian, she must really love her birthday mandala.

    i hope your pets shared your sleep!



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