Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Animal Wednesday / Feeding fish

I made this video in Kuala Lumpur last week.
It is not easy making a video with a cell phone in one hand and feeding the fish with the other........
So it's not the best of quality. Just wanted to show you the enormous amount of fish in that pond and how hungry they were. Next time I will bring a few kilo fish food from home.....
This one is for you Mim ♥
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Ach,dat is gewoon zielig hebben we het hier over kippen (en terecht)die te dicht op elaar zitten.
    Jee wat wordt het ineens fris he,ja Oktober zolang het droog is no problem.
    Meid een fijne dag ga je lekker tennissen?
    Dikke knuffel van mij en Beaudor.

  2. Those poor fish appear to be very hungry. It is scary seeing that many fish trying to eat the morsels you gave them. HAW.

  3. oh my goodness! So many fish in one small place reminds me of cities. I hope they're well fed and they're just greedy..not starving :)

    I haven't seen any sign of Mim for over a week. I hope she's having fun somewhere!

    I'm a little better, finally! Now I almost feel human again.

    miss you!

  4. Thank you! Love it!!!! and HAW to you and the animals

  5. Thank you! Love it!!!! and HAW to you and the animals

  6. WOW! Talk about hungry "little" guys.... I was laughing at your initial reaction - as they swarmed and splashed to get close!

    Brava to you for being able to film with one hand and feed them with the other! Great job.....
    (Lo, they look pretty large to be starving.....I think they are used to people stopping by and feeding them..)

    And....here's Mim! (TWICE!)

    HAW! Haw! HAW!

    Love to you, Sjimmie, Spook, Koekie and....."The Gang"!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. marianne, first of all and most of all, i love hearing your voice. it kind of makes me sad because it's so easy to remember two wonderful days.

    and then the fish: i wonder if they resent the high density of their neighborhood!

    love love

  8. Boiling with fish there! Next time you are in KL I hope to see you!x


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