Monday, October 4, 2010

Cactus Monday / Yellow Bloom on Purple Cactus

I started my Cactus Monday by painting this ATC.
And made pictures for TT.
Have been busy, but mostly with good things.
Helped my Mom one day when she got a new floor.Friday I painted something for a friend, which I will show later. I went to mantra singing.
Saturday I had to play tennis and Sunday we worked in the garden and met Marja, Ruud and and Beaudor on the beach. It was gorgeous weather and we had a wonderful get together.
Koekie and Droppie met Beaudor for the first time (see pictures here) and they became friends! I am happy for that, so now we can walk together more often.
The girls enjoyed being on the beach and were very impressed by the size of Beaudor and the sound of his bark. At the restaurant he protected his little girlfriends by barking at 2 dangerously looking big dogs. The smaller ones were allowed to pass without warnings :)
Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. HCM Marianne,

    Yes, I have the plant. Many thanks - it is Kalanchoe Uniflora and I have updated my post :).

    That is a lovely cactus painting. Lovely colours.

    ps Beaudor is a handsome fella. Very good body too.


  2. I love this purple cactus!!

    I really missed you this weekend :(
    I think you should have been there, but I know you were there in spirit. I had a lot of "promised wine" with Robin!

    I love the pics of the girls and B on the beach. I'm so glad you had a nice day!

    Lots to do today since I've been away. I hope to do Illustration Friday and maybe a quick post about the weekend.

    love and hugs!

  3. Love your purple cactus. You had one busy weekend. I used to play tennis almost every day until I trashed my knee !! Have a great week. Can't wait to see the picture for your friend.

  4. Your pinks and purples always so beautiful and no exception here on this lovely cactus! Fun hearing about your weekend...busy lady you are. I say you enjoy life in a very well balanced way! Nice. HCM.

  5. Beautiful cactus! Sounds like you had a lovely time with all the animal kids. xoxo

  6. I love your cactus too Marianne. I love to find these when their in bloom, always so exciting.

    Can i tell you i LOVE the names of Marja, Ruud and Beaudor and Koekie and Droppie, i love them! going to look at the photos now...

    ♥ lori

  7. Love the softness of your cactus colors. It sounds like you had a great weekend. I am glad the girls made friends with the Big B.

  8. Beautiful cactus and bloom. Love these colors together.


  9. Ein ganz perfekt tag! Alle die Hunde sind schoen....

    Und der Lila Kactus.. sigh.....(aber, glucklich, habe Ich eine von Dir!!!!)

    Safe flight!

    I miss you! (But not as much as Sjimmie, Spook, Koekie and Droppie....)


    ♥ Robin ♥

  10. Sorry for such a late comment, Marianne! Your cactus is gorgeous! Love the soft colors, for sure! You sure had a busy and fun weekend. Been staying busy non-stop with grandkids here. :)


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