Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Animal Wednesday / Frogs

One of the 7 designs I made for the school project.
It was fun and the kids enjoyed it. I was surprised by their results.
I will show you in a post later because I am still waiting for some pictures others took.

The theme was "What comes out of an egg"?
Well frogs do.
All the egg mandala's have a kind of spring feeling.
Soon we will be surrounded by new life. 
In my garden no frogs are there to be seen yet.
I know when I see them that spring has arrived.
I can't wait........

Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. this is brilliant marianne, you show every part of the life cycle, in the most beautifully educational way.

    i love polliwogs! and frogs!

  2. I ♥ this Mandala! Love Froggies! (And Tadpoles!) This HAD to be a HUGE hit at Felix's Schule!
    I can't wait to see the other Mandalas and hear what the students thought!

    Love to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. reebeek. i tawt i taw a froggie.

    this is so wonderful Marianne, how lovely an experience for the kids. i never had fun things like this happen when I was in school.

  4. It is beautiful Marianne. I know the kids loved it.
    We were on the same page as I painted a frog yesterday for my creativity class. He will be around next Wednesday.


  5. How pretty, Marianne! The frogs are so freakin cute!!! The lotus flower is that color and sparkle!!!

  6. What an absolutely wonderful mandala. Did the kids make them too? I can't wait to see or I hope we can see some of theirs.

  7. I love the way this shows the life cycle of the frog. Fun. HAW.

  8. There is something so spiritual and inspiring to me about the life cycle of animals. I paint a lot of insects.. but I've never attempted a frog. I think you've inspired me again! ♥

  9. the grin on that frog's face says it all. that frog is fantastic. you get it, you have it, marianne. this mandala is so beautiful in so many different ways and layers all i can say is i know the kids loved it.

    as do i.

  10. oh wow Marianne!!! this is a wonderful pond mandala!!! your work is amazing...and seeing it over the years just blows my are so talented!!! I love this piece....

  11. Just love frogs,miss there singing at night,can't wait till there back...
    Another sunny day is waiting,go and work some in the garden because inside its all for nothing((;
    Hoping We have this weather Sunday to,well if not it will still be nice.
    So sweet from Lars to cook for his girlfriend,he's a special boy to.

  12. This is so beautiful M!! You put so much heart and soul into everything you do♥


  13. Yes, we are all searching for evidence of spring. I love your little froggy. I haven't seen one around my area for a long time.

  14. Marianne, this is such a clever piece - I just love it and those kids must have had such fun with the project! Looking forward to seeing their pics soon. xxx

  15. Deze is mooi, Marianne! Ben benieuwd naar wat de kinderen hebben gemaakt.

  16. now - since all your mandalas are amazing it's hard to say this but this one is the MOST AMAZING!!!!

  17. This is awesome! I bet Felix will be glowing when you are showing your art and all the kids get to color your designs. Have you thought of doing a coloring book? I bet it would be a big hit!


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