Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Last day at home, although I was at Schiphol for my exam today.
Have been busy with the school project and studying this last week so I haven't been around much.
Tomorrow I will go to Tokyo and will be reunited with Frida who has been waiting in my suitcase at the airport for 3 months! Poor girl. Just like me she will be happy to see something besides the town of Zierikzee.
Zierikzee is wonderful,but in the winter it is just like any other town......... b..........
Well off to Tokyo where it is still winter as well, so ..................
Next week I will be back and hope to catch up with all of you!
I pre posted something for tomorrow.

See you soon

Please click on the link of Zierikzee and move your mouse across the screen :)


  1. Cooooooool video! And cool link! ♥

  2. After watching you create this gorgeous Mandala step-by-step via your blog, it was so wonderful to see it appear as if you were waving your magical wand....and the music was a perfect accompaniment!

    Have fun in Tokyo!!!!!

    I know Frida will be THRILLED to leave the confines of the airport! Ha-ha!

    Be safe!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. Frida has been waiting in your suitcase at the airport for 3 months? Oh, my - I can't imagine...who is Frida and why is your suitcase at the airport for so long?

    Have a wonderful trip to Tokyo, how exciting!!! Bon Voyage!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of your city Marianne. It is beautiful. So different than here. I love those big old buildings and the canal going up into the town. Your mandala video is nice. The music perfect for it. Have fun in Tokyo. I hope Frida forgives you for leaving her behind.

  5. Mooie Mandala ,vooral die Vlinders ;))
    Ging het goed vandaag?
    zit hier nog op de stucadoor te wachten om het af te maken(balen)maar het word leukkkkkk.
    Lieverd goeie reis morgen zal je goed doen, en eet smakelijk van de Yakitori enne niet te veel Sake.

  6. What a neat thing to watch the process! It is beautiful, Marianne!!!

  7. frida is going to give you a giant kiss, marianne! she will be glad to see you too, of that i am sure!

    the music is perfect for this amazing manifestation :) i could watch these all day; better yet, watch you in person all year.

    i wish you safe travels, back to work. sigh.... but i wish i were in your suitcase too...


  8. Oh, that is just beautiful to see it step-by-step with music. It is perfect!


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