Monday, February 28, 2011

My heart is broken

Saturday when I came home I took a glass of wine and did a blog round.
I was shocked to find out my dear friend Emmitt was no longer among us.
Can you imagine I was really crying my eyes out and couldn't stop.
I have been following Emmitt's adventures since I started blogging.
He was such a cute sweet pug, who could even sing and he loved food.
Here on earth he lived in heaven as I think Melissa and Fred were the best dog parents he could wish for. He had a long and very happy life.
Oh Emmitt I will miss you, you have brightened up my day so many times.
I hope they make delicious meatloaf in dog heaven too dear ♥


  1. I didn't know that sweet dog, but I cried too when I read the beautiful post she did about him. What a loving tribute! And the slide show made me smile. He was a much loved dog.♥

    Big hugs for you ((((♥))))
    and love,

  2. Oh so sad. You did a beautify tribute Marianne.

  3. emmitt's reassurance to the rest of us almost brought me to tears. life after life--that's what renee used to say.

    this is a loving tribute marianne.


  4. Marianne, I did not know emmitt, but what a wonderful dog. His spirit still lives. Big hugs. xoxo

  5. Sorry for your loss Marianne. Sweet drawing of this cute pup.

  6. dearest marianne
    emmitt and i love you with all of our hearts.

    you and he had a special bond and connection.
    i do not even have the words to tell you how much i love and appreciate your amazing painting of him.
    i will cherish it always.

    i am so lucky to have you.

  7. It is always so sad to lose a fur friend. Any friend really. He would be pround to have called you a friend. A wonderful tribute.

  8. sorry to hear about Emmit. He was a sweetie.

  9. Sorry that you're feeling sad - the blogging world really brings us all together doesn't it?

  10. I never met Emmitt, but he sure looks like a sweet dog. I'm sorry for their and your loss!

  11. I am so sorry for your, and the doggies parents' loss. You did such a sweet painting of him...what a doll.

  12. oh Marianne!!! what a thoughtful piece...I have been working on a painting too....he was such a sweet Pug!!! and we all loved watching him on his fun adventures!!! he was a very lucky dog too...loved so much by Melissa and Fred!!!!

    Wonderful work and I will miss him so much too!!!!

  13. So sad when you have to say Goodbye from your Pet....
    But I know Emmit is playing with all the sweethearts we lost over the rainbowbridge.

  14. oh marianne, i'm so sorry you have been crying and feeling so sad. i like what beaudor and kj has said, now little emmitt is playing happily for sure.
    love and hugs,

  15. So sorry about this sad news Marianne.
    This beautiful dedication is so heartwarming.
    Thank you to share your the expression and beautiful of your pet.


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