Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Animal Wednesday / Koekie and Minoes

 I have been very busy (and still am) with an art project for Felix'school next week.
I have designed 7 mandalas with the theme what comes out of  an egg?
Here is one of the 7 designs. From each mandala I made a coloring page. The kids can choose one of these designs, which they will have to color with watercolor pencils.
A week later they will have an exhibition at school.
All groups will have their own artist doing a project with them.
Unfortunately I will be in Japan but my husband will take pictures.

Yesterday I was working on this mandala and normally Minoes occupies a bed on my desk. But while she was away Koekie wanted some attention and I put her on the desk.

So when Minoes returned they had to share the bed. poor Minoes......
For me it is very cramped to work like that, but I enjoy my animals as long they don't walk over my work or keyboard........

 This picture was taken while I was taking a nap.
Here it is the other way around Koekie was there first and Minoes just wriggled her bum in..... Poor Koekie!
Waiting for food!!!!!
We have built in flash lights in our eyes.
Where is Sjimmie?????????
Hunting for food for the ladies?
No  just checking the heating....... too cold to be out hunting 

Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. The project for the school children looks like fun. I know they will enjoy it. You have quite the menagerie. Those kitties look like they are ready to gang up on you. Enjoy your time in Japan.

  2. Ach! Was fur ein Post! Minoes und Koekie! Koekie und Minoes! Und....die ganze Gruppe! Und Ende.....Sjimmie.... ah, so wunderschoen! Ich liebe Deine Tiere!

    Your art project for Fekix's school is gorgeous! It is interesting for young minds - and will also teach them about the beauty of Nature!

    Hugs to your Wunderkind! (Felix, Du bist ausgezeichnet!)

    Love to all!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. Looking at all these cute animals and i was wondering where Sjimmie was. What a guy!


  4. How cute, Marianne...all so sweet!

  5. The animals are so beautiful and cozy looking! What happy animals they are - maybe they appreciate the artwork also.

  6. Oh, Marianne, I had no idea you had so many kitties! I love them all and your little dog too, so darling. The mandala is wonderful and so is Felix! xoxo

  7. haha--I love them all watching and waiting with those shiny eyes! I only have 2 kitties but I know that look and posture well!

  8. oh my gosh marianne, the photos are so cute, but especially your little doggy and kitty on the desk. i could almost read their minds. so funny.
    you are so sweet and patient. i love the work you are doing for the childrens school. and i hope you have all your health back for traveling (working).

  9. I didn't know you had so many cats. They are all so pretty. I once had a Siamese and he was the best cat.
    You've been very busy with the school projects, it seems, and they are looking good.

  10. I love what you are doing for Felix's classroom...You are a teaching angel as well as a beautiful soul...The kids with be so delighted with this project...bittersweet that you will be unable to be there...super sweet that you will have photos! Hugs to you!

  11. Wow, I didn't know you had that many kitty cats! But I heard it said that cats are like potato chips: You can't have just one LOL

    Your Mandala is lovely with the butterflies and the critters in the center...

  12. Marianne, you are surrounded by all these cute cats while working on your creative Mandala project!

    I can see painting is your first love and cats are also part of your hobby!

    Loving their gesture!
    He..He..I want to draw them!


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