Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Here the mandala is finished.
I painted 3 yellow lotus flowers. The flowers are open which symbolizes enlightenment. (a closed blossom signifies the potential for enlightenment.)
Here I also added the silver lining round the 9 lotus petals ,2 purple lines around the purple star. They have just a touch of sparkle (click to enlarge) and a silver line around the gold triangle, these are just some finishing touches.

Thank you so much for all your positive comments along the way.
Some of you asked some questions. Here are a few answers:

Lori asked where I did learn this . I learned the principal of a booklet I bought from the lady who made my birth mandala. And the rest I learned along the way. It is like with a lot of other things in life that practice makes perfect. Every time I learn new things in my technique of painting and things which are handy .
For example in the beginning I always sketched my subject with a pencil and those lines were sometimes hard to erase or left dirty marks. Now I sketch with watercolor pencils in the color I will use. This way the lines will resolve when I paint over them. Just a little trick.
And yes Lori I think you should give it a try!
Lori also asked if this was done with watercolor. No these are painted on canvas with acrylics.
And when I know a mandala is finished. When I have painted the whole date of birth and the life path number.
Julie asked if I had any idea why she loved the Monarchs. Could it be because they are orange? Wild guess Julie;)
Patty asked if the animals I picked fit the person I am painting for. Most of the time I pick them intuitively and yes, most of the time they fit. Sometimes I know they will but sometimes I paint for people I don't know. And I have heard the most amazing facts afterward.
Like Marja who told me butterflies were very important to her. I swear I didn't know that before she told me a few magical stories when she received her mandala with butterflies.
Marja told in one of her comments when we came back from Hong Kong last year a Monarch butterfly came out of her suitcase. Could it just be her mother has been traveling with us?

Sometimes you have to believe in magic :). A mandala is a little bit of magic.

Have a magical mandala day!


  1. I am in awe of this gorgeous mandala!!!

  2. oh my gosh marianne!
    it is amazing just like you!
    m & e

  3. first the word finished made me jump and then seeing the completed mandala made me gasp. i LOVE the addition of the lotus. really marianne it is absolutly spectacular. thank you for answering so many questions and i only have a million more now, but i won't bother you anymore. i will look for a book like you suggested to me. but i already know i'll never be able to produce something like this.
    this was a truly gorgeous post from start to finish.

  4. The open lotus flowers were the icing on this mandalas cake! Gorgeous, Marianne!!!!!

  5. The final finishing touches take my breath away...but I felt pretty close to that at each additional layer from the beginning. I think you are so talented and magic.

  6. Its stunningly beautiful,that means your back ;)))the lotusflowers ,I was back at Ban Chiang.
    What a wondeful day it was today,walked with my Beautje in the sunshine and felt so blessed.
    Hope You had a nice day to Dear.
    xxxMar and a wet one from Mr.B

  7. Liebe Marianne,

    Ach! Blogger hat mein Komment gegessen!!!!!!

    So, noch einmal:

    Dieser Mandala ist PERFECKT! Wirklich! Ganz Perfeckt!

    Immer mit Liebe,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. This is very beautiful. I especially love the dainty butterflies. I don't understand all the meaning behind each design, but I find it visually very appealing and that's enough for me ;-)

  9. that i have not one but two of your mandalas hanging proudly in my front hall is a joy every single day. sometimes i just stare at the vibrance of the colors and the holiness of what you achieve.

    this is another beauty, marianne. i've loved following the steps so much. wowwowwowwowowWOW.

    love you this much

  10. This is beautiful Marianne, love the colours and design....methinks the recipient will be very pleased.

  11. Lieve lieve Marianne,

    Uit naam van mij en Roel, wat een heerlijke reis door zijn prachtige mandala!! Ook al wisten wij hoe het er uit ging zien,het was toch iedere keer een verrassing om de volgende stap te zien. Erg leuk!
    En natuurlijk de tekst die erbij hoort bij je posts. Roel is ook vereerd door alle complimenten over zijn mandala, natuurlijk over jouw hand maar om zijn mandala ;-D

    We hebben ons trio in het trapgat gehangen, klinkt heel oneerbiedig maar wij vinden het prachtig! Iedere reis naar boven of beneden is een genoegen! Ook Phos vind het erg leuk om de trap te bezoeken...

    Lieverd, BEDANKT!

    Dikke kus van Roel, Maureen & Phos!

  12. Stunning work...Absolutely soulful! You definitely leave a bit of your heart in each piece you design...you definitely get those pieces back tenfold in the love sent back to you. I am always in awe of your work...♥


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