Thursday, February 3, 2011

Step 6

Now you can see that the Millennium ring is finished. Would you believe that to make these beads look like beads I have painted them at least 15 to 20 times. It is a Buddhist rosary. The japa mala is traditionally used in Tibetan Buddhism and in Hinduism. Prayer beads are used to count mantras. When using the japa mala, your fingers pass over one prayer bead for each time you recite the mantra. This chain of beads symbolizes the endless repetition of life. The color of this chain is red , the color that belongs to the number 1.

Then the circle of 9 lotus petals in rainbow colors. I always use rainbow colors for number 9.

Have a rainbow day!


  1. Truly beautiful Marianne, I love it and the beads looks super.

  2. The beads are so tactile. I love them. The entire mandala is so colorful.

  3. Am really enjoying watching this mandala pretty.

  4. And here I thought the red was going to be the oroboro! funny we have that connection today ;)

    Well, not so unusual!!

    This is very beautiful :)


  5. Lovely marianne.... I want to know what the mantra is! I enjoyed reading all the layers of meaning in this. And yes.. I believe in the time those beads took.

    Today as I was working on just a "quick" little painting today I had a dangerous thought... "This takes too much time." As if the length of time the piece takes invalidates it. So I stopped, took a deep breath, and rememberd...

    painting is prayer...

  6. the beads are really wonderful. i was just holding my chakra bracelet and wondering if it could be prayer beads. this mandala is so lovely and delicate.

  7. I enlarged it to get a really good look. Beauitful work, Marianne!

  8. Those beads are amazing! You are extremely patient!!!

  9. i love your words and your work. you are a beautiful inspiration to me. i can't wait to see the next step (but throughly enjoying the present one too).


  10. much you are teaching us all about the creative vision of your Mandalas! The prayerbeads.......gorgeous.....and they truly look like beads!!!!!

    This is such an inspirational journey for you - as you create - and for us - as we watch and learn!

    Love to you and the "Gang",

    ♥ Robin ♥


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