Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Step 5 / Animal Wednesday

In every mandala I paint an animal.
The butterfly is a symbol of transformation, because of its impressive process of metamorphosis.
Besides the beautiful symbolism of the butterfly (read more here) this Monarch is special in many other ways.
The Monarch is famous for its southward migration and nothward return in summer in the Americas which spans the life of three to four generations of the butterfly.
While painting this butterfly it seems this creature crossed my path a few times.
At the same moment Lo (from studio Lolo) was created her Raven Maven art tag nr 1 and showed it on her blog and Etsy. I showed her the butterflies I was making at the same time.
In the waiting room of the doctor I found a National Geographic with on the cover............the migrating Monarchs! I read the article.
Every time I make a mandala I do a lot of research on the animal I am painting and I am always in awe of that animal and of the fact that all creatures big or small have their purpose and meaning here on this earth.
♥Happy Animal Wednesday♥


  1. This is SO beautiful Marianne. Incredible detail and colors, just gorgeous.

    Happy Butterfly Wednesday

  2. Hi Marianne! This is so beautiful. I have always loved butterflies. Monarchs are so amazing, aren't they? xox Pam

  3. lovely addition to the mandala. like the closeup shot. the fine details and colors. you are so talented and also a good observer.

  4. Oh, the Monarch takes the mandala to a new level!!! Gorgeous, Marianne!!!!! Of course you know why I love them so much! ;)

  5. I do miss the Monarchs in Pacific Grove.

    And I love that we have this special connection ;)


  6. How delightful to find a Monarch on a zinnia this time of year. The Monarch is a strong butterfly. This is a great totem for this birth mandala. HAW.

  7. Dear Marianne,
    One of the myriad of things I love about your work is all the research you put into it! It's wonderful - and enriches your painting - not only for you, the Artist, but also for the recipient of the Mandala - and of course, for sll of us who get to "see" it on your blog.

    This is truly heavenly!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. Oh Marianne, this is gorgeous. you have really captured the monarch and made it even more beautiful.

    we are in the path of the migration, there are two spots near us where they make their annual stop, i will get photos of the next time we go. it's a completely enchanting experiance. i wish you could see it.


  9. More and more beauty you make! Delicate wings!

  10. Oh Marianne, you did such a beautiful job on this Monarch!! Gorgeous!


  11. getting more and more beautiful! Does the animal you choose in some way fit the person you are making it for?

  12. I'm enjoying my daily dose of manadala making! The Monarchs are so lovely!

  13. Here I have goosebumbs allover,the same Butterfly travelled with Me from Hong Kong last year........when i opened my suitcase it came out.
    Nick has his contractmeeting on Monday,fingers crossed a little longer...


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