Thursday, January 31, 2008


Yesterday my husband and I went to the store to buy a new notebook, but unfortunately it was sold out. I'm still a dinosaur, using Windows XP, although I can upgrade my computer to Vista (came with the package) I still have my reserves, I know my way in XP now and the stories about Vista are not always positive. In the store I saw a screensaver I liked instantly! Bubbles, little transparant bouncing bubbles in gorgious colors! And you can still see which programs are running. See screenshot above. And after googling (I love to google!) I found a link where you can download Vista screensavers for XP. And it´s for free. links: Softpedia Mandala Wallpapers


  1. I have that bubbles thing on my computer too. I liked it too. By the way I have Vista and after about 6 months of useage have had no problems. I don't use a lot of software. Not sure what the problems others have had are.

  2. I guess it´s fear for the unknown ;-)


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