Sunday, January 6, 2008


What will 2008 bring us? I started the year with a torn calf muscle. Because of this I have spent a lot of time behind the computer. I have updated my linkpage which took me a whole day. While updating I visited several very interesting sites which I want to share with you. The good thing about a linkpage is that whenever something happens with your computer you still have all your favorites. Make one! If you want to know what 2008 will bring you you must visit Marlies' Creative Universe You can calculate your personal year number there. For me this is the result: The Three Personal Year - Express Yourself After the two year of integration and inward focus you are now ready to practice what you have learned. You will feel a strong urge to get out of a rut and want to have fun. Your social life will increase substantially this year. You can't wait to express yourself and your creative juices are flowing full force. You are ready to include others in your life and want to expand your focus. Your increased activity brings you also recognition and with it the danger of spreading yourself too thin and will put pressure on your pocket book. Spend your money wisely. Your outlook in general will be very optimistic and you might come up with all kinds of "crazy" ideas and feel restless. Because of your urge to go madly off in all directions, you will find it harder to get things done. So focus on the things that attract you the most. When unsure as to where you're going and having to make important decisions it is best to take a wait and see attitude. When you're absolutely convinced it is the right decision go for it. In the meantime take full advantage of this very creative time in your life. Communication and creativity on all levels is highlighted this year for you. Taking the analogy of a farmer planting a field, the first shoots are showing. What's your number? The cute graphic with the numbers is from Clare Beaton. She is a children's book writer, illustrator and makes wonderful things with fabric. And always looking out for mandalas I found the work of Shirley Gibson Please read her post the secret and enjoy her mandalas at Mandalamadness I like that name! Talking about mandalas, while blog hopping and surfing I found Eve Naia, who makes breathtaking mandalas. These are just a few highlights. Enjoy the sites!


  1. Thank you for the great links. My personal number was also three. Hmmmm.

  2. Hello! My personal number for this year is 8. How interesting. I did enjoy that link quite a lot. Thank you also for mentioning Mandala Madness. I happened to find my way here by researching my name with google. How fun to end up at such a nice little site. I'm wondering if you might be willing to share some of your beautiful mandalas over at Mandala Madness. I'd love to feature them as visiting mandalas. Have a really great day!

  3. Go ahead Two feathers!
    Have a nice day as well!
    Greetings Marianne

  4. Thank you so much! I'll let you know when I get it posted!


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