Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Eleonore Weil

Want to travel without taking a plane, train or bus? Visit the website of my dear friend Eleonore Weil. Just looking at her art takes you into a different world. It feels like a warm colors bath as well. Eleonore makes paintings, etchings, mandalas and digital work. If you're fond of symbols, alchemy, animals and colors you have to give yourself this treat. I always find it hard to explain why something is beautiful, especially in words because I´m not a word person, but Eleonore's work touches you and leaves you enchanted. Go and see for yourself! And enjoy this YouTube video below.


  1. Hello Marianne. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Oh, this kitty on the side is so cute! Your friend makes beautiful artworks. I will scroll through your blogs later, re: mandalas. Do you know Patti from australia who paints mandalas? You have to scroll down and look at earlier posts as she hasn't posted any recently.

    Be well, Suki

  2. Thanks for sharing Eleonore's site with us. I really enjoyed stopping by there and browsing. Am enjoying your site as well.


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