Monday, January 14, 2008


Here is a detail of the chameleon from the previous post. Chameleons are widely regarded with unreasoning fear, especially in West Africa, where various beliefs associate the reptile with the Sun. In Dahomey, the chameleons are said to fetch fire from the Sun. In early Christianity, the chameleon was used to symbolize Satan who, like the chameleon, could change his appearance to deceive mankind. Other deep-rooted belief that persist are that chameleons are "nourished by the air," and hence do not eat. They do have huge lung sacks that, when fully expanded, become almost transparent. Nevertheless, chameleons do eat food. The eyes of the chameleon are unique. The lids are fused over each eye ball, leaving only a small aperture, and each eye can see and move independently. Seen close-up, this random movement can be quite un-nerving. A belief arose as far back as the time of Pliny (1st Century AD) that a chameleon talisman restored sight to the blind. Best known for its ability to change its skin color to blend with its background, the chameleon has been referred in Sufi (Pantheistic Muslim mysticism) parables relating to an inconsistent person. "So as the chameleon changes his skin, an unwise one changes the color of his being..." The thought is still believed among modern men. Due to its ability to be unseen an unnoticed, there is a sense of clairvoyance, remote viewing and auric sensitivity. Being nearly invisible allows one to quietly watch, listen and learn..... My example of the chameleon lives in the Zoo of Washington DC, where I took this picture when I was there with my son Lars in 2006. So you know where to go if you want to meet this little guy in person. Cool chameleon links: Reptiles Throughout Mythology Chameleon in your Dreams? Chameleon Trade House Chameleons at Wikipedia


  1. Chameleons are an everyday sight here in Florida. I never liked the crawly things but growing up, my best friend used to let them grab onto her earlobes and wore them like little earrings....eeeeek!

    Probably not a comment you would expect or possibly hope for.....

  2. Its ok :-)
    I can imagine that for some people they are creepy crawlers.
    We don´t have them around here.
    I love reptiles, but only in their natural habitat, I don't feel te urge to keep them, they are not as petable as furry animals........and I don´t like to keep animals in cages. But as an animal I find them intriguing.
    I also love frogs and I´m very glad they are in my pound, they bring joy to my life, but I also know a lot of people who just find them creepy or who are even afraid of them......


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