Monday, January 21, 2008

Digital Mandala

Inspired by my yellow mandala I played with Paint Shop Pro this morning and these colorful mandalas are the result. From the first and the second one I created the third. I wanted something colorful so I used 2 pictures of Frida Kahlo


  1. These are lovely and interesting process. I was just going to ask you how you created the mandalas, as the yellow one looked so intricate that I wondered if it was digital. But you handpaint some too don't you.? Thanks for your comments on my craftworks. Very cold here today. Be well, suki

  2. Wow these are pretty. They remind me of those colidescopes. or how ever you spell that. where you look into them and turn the bottom and they swirl around different pictures sort of like these. I havent seen one in ages. Anyway lovely colors.

  3. Hi Suki,
    I hardly ever make digital mandalas, I did some experiments a few years ago. Mostly I paint them like the catmandala and the chameleon etc. But the yellow one I thought was nice with the yellow study.
    Today I tried to recall how I did it and made a pink one, I0ll post it together with some links of how to.....

  4. Hi Chris,
    yes it was done with the caleidoscope effect in paint shop pro !


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