Monday, January 28, 2008

Saint Agnes kaleidoscope


  1. Wonderful! The music is so uplifting for the morning :)

  2. I love the video! Lovely mandalas! I seem to have a bit of the same obsession with Photoshop and the kaleidoscope plugin (: and mandalas. What medium do you use for the non-digital ones? My paintings are mostly acrylic, and I love the fluid acrylics. I requested the Golden acrylics catalog, and they sent me a hand painted card of all their colours (: Love your mandalas girly!

  3. Thanks!
    I do the tricks with Paint Shop pro. Programs like that have ensless possibilities, but I only use a fraction of it........
    The birthmandalas I paint with acrylic (Talens Amsterdam among other brands) From Golden I have these lovely pots with mother of pearl and paerl Mica Flake, they are great! I used them on my mandala cards (next post) .
    How nice of the card!

  4. Fun video. You have done a lot of mandalas. I read this after your most recent post so see the answer to my question of what medium you use to color the handcolored ones. I like the music too, and am not really familiar with Sting and didn't know their music was like this.

  5. Hi Suki,

    I love the music of Sting but don´t know all his songs. This music I heared a long time ago and didn´t know who the performer was until I got a new (old )album of him and discovered the music was his!

  6. Hey, that's cool! Aren't you clever!


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