Saturday, January 12, 2008


This mandala I made for Saskia. Last year she suggested an art-exchange; I would make a mandala for her and in exchange I could pick something out of her collection. Such a nice idea since I'm a big fan of her work! When I went to her shop, the first thing I noticed was one of these cats! and I got this feeling of awe....... But of course I also took a look at all her other works. It's like looking around in a candy store. What to choose!!!??? You have to take a look at her site to admire her work. In the past I have bought a few of her works of art; with cats, with images from the town where I live; Zierikzee with sailing boats etc etc. Her work is very divers. In the end I returned to the cat I first saw and Saskia told me she had this one in mind for me. It had been waiting there for me.......... So it was to be the cat! The nice surprise was that it was part of a couple, so I got both. They are now above my desk and I enjoy them every day! cats by Saskia Eggink


  1. Hi Marianne,

    You do have some wonderful colors and patterns in these mandalas. You know, maybe all that little house on my blog needs is your talent to spice it up, give it some life. Oh, and someone to replace the windows and curtains, and someone to reclaim the lawn . . .

    I'm off to knit and will see you in a week or so.

  2. You certainly "do" have something to add to the world of blogs. Your mandalas are spectacular and your links are very inspirational. I will visit again soon!

  3. Oh, those are really nice! Congratulations.


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