Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mexican Mandala

This mandala I painted for Barbara. I met Barbara on a trip to Mexico City a few years ago. She adviced me to go to the Casa Azul, but I had to see the movie first, according to her. It was hard not to go, but I listened. At home I bought the movie, kept it in a drawer until I was scheduled for Mexico City again. Just before I went I watched the movie. I was very impressed! In Mexico City I went to the Casa Azul, alone, and again I was very impressed. It was an exceptional experience. Holding the same handrail on the stairs as she must have done once.... The works of art.........The intens blue color.........The cats in the garden.............Everything. At home I watched the movie again with my husband and this time I was "sold" for the rest of my life. Barbara asked me to paint her a mandala and what else could I paint than a Mexican/Frida inspired mandala? I used 2 leaves from 2 different paintings. The flowers are mexican sunflowers. I wanted to paint a swallow, but for Barbara I could not choose the dead swallow, instead I picked a hummingbird (I always follow my intuition). I painted this mandala with so much joy and inspiration. I returned to the casa azul twice afterwards and I guess I will go there again one day. I love Mexico, I love Frida. Here the 2 paintings and the 2 leaves.


  1. This is lovely. I love Frida too and have several books about her and have seen several films. I'd love to go to see her home too. Be well, Suki

  2. this very pretty and delicate.nice work. I also love your photo of your sweet little cat asleep in a christmas wreath :)

  3. I love Mexico and Frida, too!


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