Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cat Mandala

Here is one of my favorite mandalas. Since cats are my nr 1 source of inspiration it was difficult to give this baby to it´s new owner: Leonie..................... I painted these cats without turning my canvas, one turned out a male, , the one I painted upside down a female. No idea why but I was very pleased by this turn (or not to turn :-) ) I also made a coloring page of it so go ahead and have fun!


  1. ah, this is beautiful. If you have time and inclination, how did you get that copyright notice on the picture??

    I put the cat widget on my blog. Thanks. I have fun petting it. :)

  2. Hi Sukipoet!
    Since I can not e-mail you, here´s the awnser on your question: I make the watermark with PSP (paint shop pro) I did these with PSP7 but I found you some tutorials for the PSP9 version
    Have no idea if you use this program....
    If you follow this link you can find a lot of videos how to watermark your images.
    Hope any of them is useful to you

  3. What a wonderful mandala you made. That's the kind of stuff I look forward to seeing. I do like the fact that you use cats in them, having three cats of my own. Ciao...

  4. What a fun blog to look at as well as to read. Everything is interesting here. And you are generous; thanks for the cat mandala to color and play around with. Best wishes, Annie

  5. Thanks so much Marianne for the above information. I don't think I have paint shop unless it comes in the computer programs. But I'll check out the you tube sites. Thanks. And thanks for taking a peek at my blog. Be well, Suki

  6. I've often thought that mandala's would make a wonderful coloring book!

  7. Oh wow!
    This is is your whole blog!
    I'll be back and thanks for visiting mine.

  8. I love this! I have three cats of my own (well, with my husband!), so I truly appreciate seeing them featured in your art. Your mandalas are very special. Thanks for stopping by Mixed Grill Favorites. You've got a great site. I'll be back!


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