Wednesday, July 9, 2008


In Dami's mandala I painted the conch shell (7 right turning conch shells in the purple circle) In Dami's mandala heb ik de conch schelp geschilderd (7 rechtsdraaiende schelpen in de paarse cirkel) Shells which spiral to the right in a clockwise direction are a rarity and are considered especially sacred. The right-spiralling movement of such a conch is believed to echo the celestial motion of the sun, moon, planets and stars across the heavens. The hair whorls on Buddha's head spiral to the right, as do his fine body hairs, the long curl between his eyebrows (urna), and also the conch-like swirl of his navel. Schelpen met een rechtsdraaiende spiraal zijn het meest heilig daar ze de beweging van de zon, maan, planeten en sterren lang de hemel symboliseren. Ze staat voor het scheppende en beschermende. In the middle a viola appalagiensis, the smallest pansy violet in the world. Violets are symbols of protection, fairy tale magic, modesty, hidden talents, friendship and love. In het midden een vijfbladig viooltje; een viola appalagiensis, het kleinste viooltje ter wereld. Viool staat symbool voor bescherming , sprookjesmagie, bescheidenheid, verborgen talenten, vriendschap en liefde. The Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism De Heilige Conch Schelp


  1. hi marianne!!! thanks a lot for your blessing love words!!! I came here and wow!!! it's amazing and beautifull! I inspire on you and put a clock mandala in mine, the same as yours, was the best I found, and also put a link at my connections at the right!!! thanks a lot for share!!! Your presence reminds me to put an english translator!!!

    love waves from argentina!!!


  2. It's beautiful Marianne! And such interesting information about the conch. I never even knew they turned a certain way.

  3. Beautiful work Marianne...and the violet is so cute....

    I have an award waiting for you on my blog!!!


  4. The conch shell mandala is lovely. I do love that little viola too. I nominated you for an award so do stop by my blog to pick it up if you like. Be well, Suki

  5. i think this may be my favorite piece of yours so far and there are so many lovely ones. this is just beautiful!

  6. this is great. can't wait for the postman to bring my parcel....snap and snap again as i have nominated you for that very same award too!!! tee hee enjoy, geniet, liefs, wfs and more!

  7. and Marianne, i feel a clockwise movement in your beautiful mandala... think its because of your choice of colors and their places...
    and very interesting facts...

    viola... conches... and butterflies
    very meaningful symbols...
    or is it:
    butterflies...conches...and viola?
    Marianne... in a mandala, the movement is inward or outward?
    sometimes i feel i'm drawn to the center and sometimes i feel i move toward the periphery... like this one...
    thanks Marianne... again i had a very enlightening journey in your mandala...

  8. Beautiful! The colors and the conch shells with that delicate flower are truly sensational. Wonderful piece.


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