Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Altered book mandala

Two mandalas from a detail from Suki's book Twee mandala's van een detail uit Suki's Book Suki's Blogspot


  1. Marianne, these are fabulous. I have no idea how you do this but it is truely neat. I am just now about to post about your two posts re: my book. I mean about the fact I sold a book!!! Plus what you have done with the page. Really exciting. Thank you. Suki

  2. Hi,
    I came here from Suki's. Thanks for showing us the beautiful interior of suki's book. The mandalas you made from her book are wonderful. The textures, papers and materials that suki used give your mandala a hand painted feel.

  3. hi marianne!
    your mandalas are amazing!
    so inspiring!

  4. wowwwwwwww
    a beauty born from another beauty...
    like a circle within another circle...
    your thought process is like a mandala too...

  5. Thank YOU for the inspirational material.
    I was very pleased with the outcome of the mandala, no matter what I did it all come out so magical! The colors the gold! Everything.

    Hi Chewy!
    You are so right Chewy, it the material I started with which made te result, a reel handmade feel.
    I normally like handmade mandala's better than digital, but I wish I could make one like this in real.....

    Thanks Melissa,
    I have been painting 2 new ones but I can't show them yet, so in the meanwhile I play with Paint Shop Pro (and show some old work in the meanwhile)

    Thanks for your beautiful words HB, I'm honored!

  6. I always so enjoy seeing your mandalas. I love the softness of the ones that you created for Suki's book. They have such depth and a sense of peacefulness about them.


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