Friday, July 25, 2008

My little bread basket

A mandala made from the picture below in PSP Nog een mandala gemaakt van Sjimmie in het mandje met PSP. I love my little bread basket! Ik ben gek op mijn kleine broodmandje! I can use it as a fortification. Ik kan het gebruiken om me te verschansen. Or just to dose off. Of om een lekker dutje in te doen.


  1. Welcome back!!! Glad you are back online, great piece and fun photos of kitty. =)

  2. She is soooo cute. Love the mandala and the little kitty in the sidebar. have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Marianne!
    We love all of your new madala and photos! We are going to miss you next week while I am away, but I will have lots of pictures from art camp when I get back and Emmitt's Birthday is August 1st and we are having a party on our blog.
    Please come!
    m & e

  4. Oh this kitten is so adorable...those sweet...and the kalidascope mandala from it is wonderully done. How do you get the other picture of the cat in the middle?
    did you paint that?

  5. Thanks Lisa and Suki
    Melissa have a nice art camp!
    Lynn the cat in the middle is done with a tool (don't know the word in English)which stamps tubes on you work. The black cat was a tube I got from a friend.
    btw the kitty sleeping on the books is my Troelie (who resembles Henry a little in her way of sleeping and size :))

  6. omg......sooooooooo cute!!!

  7. Hello Marianne,

    This is so very have the tiniest little kitty! And the digital you have made from the photograph is really cool! I don't understand digital work, but I think it would be cool to play with sometimes.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Marianne!

    Have a Beautiful Weekend!

  8. So sweet! I love the one of little kitty staring at big kitty.

  9. That little guy is the cutest cutest thing!! I love the 'pet me' over on the side also.

  10. Okay, I've just spent so much time playing with your virtual cat-too cute!

  11. Thanks everyone!
    Hi Kim, Didital stuff is nice but I'm not very good at it. Guess it is lack of time. I want to learn so many things but not enough time.......

    Hi Kelly, they were playing at that time, he used the basket to plan his attacks :)

    Hi Teri the kitty on the sidebar is so cool. I named him Mauki first but after Sjimmie came I changed the name, now it's more personal. Sjimmie has some white hairs on the same spot there.

  12. I dont blame you for wanting to have your animals around you when you create...they bring such joy!

  13. and what you have in your basket is so yummy!


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