Sunday, July 13, 2008


I was tagged by my dear friend Forever Young to do this A DAY IN THE LIFE OF...... challenge. She was tagged by Connie. Wednesday 10.00 am. Back from my daily tennis game. Woensdag 10.00 am. Terug van mijn dagelijkse tennis. Finally I tidied up the shed. Eindelijk heb ik de schuur opgeruimd. Brought Jeanette a car full of stuff for the jumble sale. Een auto vol naar Jeanette gebracht voor de rommelmarkt. Installed the birdhouses. De vogel huisjes opgehangen. Did some pruning, to get light in the shed. Wat gesnoeid om licht door het schuurraampje te laten komen. I started a small mandala. Aan een kleine mandala begonnen. I love to take a nap in the afternoon. Even een lekker dutje. Paid Sjimmie a visit. Sjimmie bezocht. We went to eat pizza. We zijn een pizza gaan eten. Always a warm welcome. Altijd een warm welkom. Donderdag 8.00 am. I need 2 cups of coffee to start my day. Donderdag 8.00 am. Ik heb 2 koppen koffie nodig om de dag te beginnen. Holiday is over. Back to work. Vakantie is voorbij. Weer aan t werk. I am tagging Amy from Magical Musings to do a day in her life. Amy is a very creative mom and mom to be. She believes in Magic. Has a lovely daughter. Makes beautiful art journal pages and jewelry, beautiful pictures . She has a second blog Silver Star Sanctuary, about how to be more self-sufficient in a suburban environment.


  1. I was just going to comment that I love this post and saw that I am next. :) Will try to do that tomorrow and post it. I like the photo of you starting a mandala too as I am used to seeing the finished product and not really how it starts. Hope you are having a good weekend!

  2. Marianne! I was delighted reading about your day and loved all the photos. Congratulation on the shed! Ik heb het Nederlands ook graag gelezen. Dank U wel!

  3. what an exciting day you've shown us. but the most amazing thing is how your face changes in each and every photo, you never look the same in any two of them...loooooovvvveeeee those dogs of yours!

  4. a very lovely post and a very lovely day...
    all through the day you were creative in a way...
    and Marianne you've got a magical smile...
    love to you.

  5. what a wonderful post Marianne!!! thanks for sharing...


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