Wednesday, July 2, 2008


And his name is.................................. Sjimmie! En we noemen hem Sjimmie!


  1. this is wonderful! i love the background too.

  2. oh how i love to cuddle him...
    and what does this lovely name mean?

  3. Thanks Melissa!

    Sjimmie is a friend of Sjors.
    Sjors is Perry Winkle, which was a cartoon long ago.
    After this cartoon stopped in the US it was continued in Holland. Skyscrappers were replaced by windmills and Sjors met Jimmy (later Sjimmie) in a circus. Sjimmie was a little cute black boy.
    As a child I loved the cartoons and adventures from Sjors & Sjimmie!
    So that's in short the story.
    I think Sjimmie is the Dutch version of Jimmy, nearly pronounced the same way.
    Love >M<

  4. This kitty is so darn cute with those big eyes. I love the mandala you made of him.

  5. gosh I don't remember that cartoon but so interesting how it continued on with different names and buildings styles. He sure is a doll of a kitty.

  6. wat n wonderlikke naam, wat sal koekie en droppie se oor die klein ding in hulle lewe? hou hulle van katte?


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