Monday, July 14, 2008

African Beauty

This one is for you Forever Young! Much love and warm fuzzies from Marianne Deze is voor jou FY! Baie liefs en wfs! Marianne


  1. Beautiful! I just love seeing your process and amazed at your lovely creations. Thanks for sharing.

  2. don't know why i cannot see this... just a white rectangle...
    not the first time this happens and i've tried to upload the page several times... but of no use...

  3. wow, wat kan ek se? maar net dankie, dit is vir my so verbasend om die mandala op utube te sien. wow....ek kon dit amper nie glo nie!so mooi.... aaah en dis myne...aaaaahhhh

  4. hi Lisa,
    thanks! I know you like to see the process, this is my latest mandala made for FY.

    dear HB,
    I'm sorry you can't see it......
    I begin to suspect that they don't allow you to see youtube videos in your country. I guess it is censureship :(
    too bad, it is a video about the mandala I made for FY. You can see the end result on her blog. I will post it later as well.
    I will think of a way to show it to you......hug!

    Hi Fy
    Glad you liked it!!!!!
    Ik heb je de link en de codes gestuurd.

  5. This is really cool Marianne. Do you take a picture on each step of the way to creating the mandala? Is this a hand painted one or one made on the computer? Anyway, it is lovely. It seems to throb at the end.

    HB sometimes when I click on a youtube video it doesnt seem to work then I do something but I cant remember what and find it in another window. Well, I'm too unsure of what I do to make it visible but something. Though for you maybe it is more what Marianne says.

  6. that is amazing Marianne....I love seeing it from start to finish...thanks for sharing and what an honor for Forever Young....

  7. thanks Marianne and Suki for your concern...
    yes youtube is filtered here in Iran... if i know the link to the exact page in the site, i can use antifiltering...


    This is the link, hope you can see it there ;)
    Love >M<

  9. my dearest friend, Marianne...
    you are a true friend indeed...
    thanks for the time you put and your concern...

    i saw your heavenly work... it was a meditation session... those shapes and colors building up a fabulous form were all engaged in a cosmic dance... giving the viewer lots of positive energy...

    your choice of music was fantastic, too.
    i had a very good time watching your artwork in process...
    blessings and peace...

  10. Hi Suki,

    yes I take a picture each step of the way. Have no idea how else to do this. Maybe if I had a video camera....
    And the mandala is handpainted.
    Love >M<

  11. You're welcome Diana!
    and HB I'm happy to know you have seen it after all!


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